Apple is Planning To Bring Offline Mode To Siri

Nov 2018 / robert_spaculus

Apple is Planning To Bring Offline Mode To Siri

Apple users will soon be able to interact offline with Siri, it’s virtual assistant. Recently, a patent was filed by Apple with USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) regarding this update. The patent was named ‘Offline Personal Assistant’ and according to it a Cupertino-based company is currently working on it.

Siri works by listening to the user’s command and process the given information to the back-end servers of the company. Further, the received speech is converted into text and sends back it’s response to the iPhone or iPad users. The whole process is only executed by using the internet.

Till now, the iPhones and iPads do not have any processing power to identify the speech and carry out further processing. However, this is soon going to change according to the latest patent. The devices will be able to process the speech, dialogue and language by itself without relying on the Apple servers.

This straightaway means that Siri will independently able to execite certain tasks even if a device is offline. It is worthy to note that now A series chipsets come with a neural engine for AI purpose. This engine is predetermined to undertake thorough tasks such as Face ID authentication and photography-related features.

It is also reported that the Apple has filed another interesting patent that seeks the addition of cameras to Apple Watch. With this, in near future, Apple Watch users will be able to use FaceID recognition for unlocking their watch and also make FaceTime calls.


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