Web Designing beyond 2016

Oct 2016 / helena

Web Designing beyond 2016

Designing can be called as the face of the website. It is a way to make a website understandable in a blink. It describes the area of business in brief.

As world is getting advanced with technologies along with the changing era, expectation to get the best is being emerged. If we talk of 2016, the year brought out large number of android users which are now growing to millions in 2017. Access to internet has been narrowed in regards of devices.

With this changing year certain new areas of designing can be focused. They are explained as below:

  • Accessing internet and website on handy devices has increased which brings the issues of pagination and loading on certain devices and thus gets your business to earn less traffic.
  • An age of responsive and adaptive designs is about to emerge which would make the websites user friendly.
  • Scrolling is a feature that is better served for mobile users and should be implemented with your mobile versions.
  • Providing descriptive navigations into your designs make your website more narrative.
  • Flash can now be replaced with HTML5 and CSS providing less storage and effective designs.
  • It is an age of Big. Huge images and headers have made websites much more user friendly nowadays.
  • 2013 has brought the magazines on flip-board and hence faded the age of printed scripts.
  • Since 2010 when W3C started using Web Open Font Format, using any font with any kind of web page is not offensive.

The above features can be understood with ease and can be implemented within your web page. Get your implementation from the experts, pertaining in-depth knowledge about these areas and get ahead with the new era. Contact Spaculus today at info@spaculus.org

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