How To Improve The User Experience Of Your Mobile App

Aug 2018 / mark

How To Improve The User Experience Of Your Mobile App

The biggest questions is how to define the success rate of a particular mobile application? It is obvious that every app developer strives hard to design and launch an application. In order to make your app successful, it has to have an all-round performance.

To choose an appropriate platform and building optimal features is one flip side of the picture. The most important aspect of the coin is User Experience (UX) which will determine whether an app would remain on the user’s phone screen for longer time or the user would churn it out.

Let us take a look at some facts and figures that plays a vital role in making your app successful or unsuccessful. According to one of the statistics, more than 60% of the users have given positive reviews about the companies that offer good mobile experience.

Take a look at few essential points to keep in mind while improving the User Experience:

1) Make better mobile app navigation

Building effective User experience helps in easy navigation of the app, this is the reason why some of th the apps have become popular due to exceptional UX designs. By providing an informative tour screen to the users, would be beneficial when they are using the app for the first time. This would surely decrease the churning rate of the app. A recent study shows that after a good on-boarding experience, only about 9% of the users abandoned their apps while more that 58% of the users visit the apps 11 times more than others.

2) UX design compliments the battery life

It is been observed that users tend to shun the apps that consume a lot of phone battery as the users are very careful about their battery.
Hence, it is important to build an app that does not eat much of the battery with other resources like data and memory.

3) Know your target audience

The familiarity of a specific type of target audience is not only applicable at the time of deciding the platform of the mobile application or building the features, but it is extremely crucial while designing the mobile app UX. So, before planning the wireframw, know your target audience and get familiar with what exactly are they looking for.
For this, going through user reviews of different apps of the same category would be definately help. This may give a rough idea about what people in general are want as far as designing of the app is concerned.

4) Making interactive designs

Building interactive design for your mobile app is the only way to make people fall in love with your app designing skills. This means, an app designer needs to pay attention on developing eye-catching web interfaces. Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques to achieve the desired output is also necessary.

5) Simplifying the registration process

Most of the apps have a signup process, where in the user needs to fill up a form in order to proceed. However, the lengthy registration process sometimes annoy and frustrate the user. Consequently, this affects the overall performance of the app hence, sign up process should be kept short and simple. Even if any app need additional information, keeping it in later stage after the user start using the app would be more effective.


In order to stay in competitive market, your mobile experience must delight the users enough to try and revisit app frequently. A mobile app development company, Spaculus, can help in building an app which is more engaging and useful by implementing above strategies and this will bring a large number of users which eventually, results in increasing desired conversion paths and sales.

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