4 Reasons To Kick-start An Online Sports Betting Business Today

Feb 2017 / mark

4 Reasons To Kick-start An Online Sports Betting Business Today

Online gambling is no longer a shady business; it has its perks, pleasures and lucre. This is what can be said considering how online gambling industry is on the rise for last few years. The widespread interest of sports enthusiasts have inspired a trend to put live betting on live sports being played remotely. Due to high demand in this domain, more and more sports betting software providers are coming to the fore to help businesses innovate their in-app features.

Business operators and stakeholders, however, do not usually believe in words. They are more inclined to understanding the language of facts and numbers. So are you still not so sure whether or not to launch the business of online gambling now? Here are top 4 reasons that will have you convinced of its benefits. Explore the following insight.

Tremendous increase in market value

Online gambling market is showing positive chance for interested operators and investors. There is a solid and steady growth over last few years.

H2 Gambling Capital’s report suggests that overall revenue generated from mobile gaming and betting is expected to reach €19bn in 2018. This number accounts for interactive mobile gambling. H2 also reveals that online gambling and gaming consumes 8% of total gambling gross win.

The online gambling market is brimming with vivid prospects, where do you stand now?

Another positive sign of gambling market is that the average CAGR is expected to hit 10.6% in 2018, which is a significant boost compared to 2013. This means that online gaming market has strong potential and reliably steady growth rates.

The market value for core online gambling in 2013 was about £23.7bn. In 2018, it is believed to rise up to £37.4bn.

With gigantic global revenue associated with online gambling business, it is no longer just a craze. Gambling app developers do exist.

The rise of regulated markets

Recently, there has been a shift in attitude and perception of European governments about online gambling and sports betting. They have started considering the idea of regulating gambling market and decided to relax gambling rules. This approach of introducing gambling-friendly regulation is opening up great business opportunities across the globe.

This is one of the reasons why it is right time for gambling operators to rule the market and collaborate with sports betting software providers.

Technology will set new era of mobile gaming

The current generation of adults are very used to operating smart devices and fond of integrating new technology in their life. This means, there is a high chance that they will use their mobiles for online gambling and fun games. Since mobile games are among the most downloaded apps, interactive mobile gambling software is something businesses need to think of.

Convenience of online gambling

People feel more attracted to convenient online gambling than brick-and-mortar Casinos or Clubs. Online sports betting provides ease, comfort and speed. Since they don’t have to leave the comfort of their premises, gamblers prefer to play betting online using sports betting website or a gambling software. Money is where the trend is, and the trend is pointing towards developing a gambling-friendly software with the help of gambling app developers.

If you are new in this, talk to Spaculus professionals who can provide latest insight on sports betting software from conceptual level to fully fledged app. Spaculus offers customizable gaming solutions across all digital devices. If you have a strategy for the business, we are listening.

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