Why Content Marketing Is Best Ways To Drive Conversions?

Jan 2019 / jack

Why Content Marketing Is Best Ways To Drive Conversions?

Most companies and business organizations agree to the fact that content marketing help SEO professionals to promote websites on the web, increase brand awareness, attract new clients, and sell more products and services one after another. Today’s customers are surrounded by too many good contents.

  • 93% of all B2B organizations rely on content marketing to increase brand awareness and generate demand for the advertised products and services,
  • 87% of buyers claim that online content has a great influence on their buying decisions,
  • 42% of consumers look at blogs for getting more information about products and services they wish to buy,
  • 41% of organizations report growth and brand awareness because of successful content marketing.

So, they are fed up with the overabundance of marketing materials. It is no secret that the vast majority of visitors that land on your site, do not make useful actions, such as subscribing newsletters, making transactions, downloading premium E-products, participating in lead generation activities, etc. 96% of all visitors who land on your website go away never to come back again. So, only 4% of all users are the actual resource that brings real business benefits. So, content marketing helps in lead generation? Let’s study.

1. Content Marketing Increases the Overall Sales

As a business owner, did you ever try to know What do consumers do before purchasing a product or service through the Internet? You must know that Most of them make a decision after studying the product information, reading the recommendations and feedback from other customers. The main advantage of using content marketing is that it increases your ability to influence consumer decision-making process with the help of competent content.

First of all, people look for a description of the product or service. They also read useful articles on the same topic. By placing such content on your website or blog, you can take the first step to draw the consumer’s attention to your products and services. After receiving the basic information, people study the reviews of other customers on the site and social networks. As part of content marketing, place relevant materials on third-party web resources.

Having positive opinions about your product is an incentive for new customers as good reviews increase the credibility of the company and motivate users to place an order. With the help of content marketing, you can increase the demand for products and services. Just discreetly recommend useful content to customers. You will see that they make transactions after reading the content.

2. Combine SEO & Content Marketing For Better Results

SEO is one of the most reliable and effective methods for website and business promotion. Nevertheless, the integrated use of SEO and content marketing can bring about tangible results in a few days. Always keep in mind that the higher the position of your site in the search results of different search engines, the more noticeable your content will be. You need high-quality content to help your website rank in the top search results. By using different content marketing tools, you can improve the quality of SEO campaigns and ranking of websites also.

3. Lead Generation and Content Marketing Go Hand-to-Hand

If your articles are useful for the targeted audience, the pace of lead generation activities is increased up to a great extent. People automatically subscribe to your website/blog for updates. They leave their email address in exchange for white papers or the opportunity to receive your recommendations, commonly known as newsletters. Having a blog on a commercial site is an opportunity to keep grabbing visitors’ attention, improve behavioral factors and motivate them to subscribe. Always keep in mind that high-quality content has the potential to generate leads more efficiently and faster than advertising.

4. Creating A Positive Image of the Company

To build relationships with the target audience, it is important for you to place useful content on your website about the company, its history, philosophy, values, ​​and achievements. This type of content influences the perception of consumers and contributes to their increasing trust in the brand. Regular online shoppers prefer to buy goods or order services from those companies about which their knowledge is very well. Content marketing helps you to form a loyal attitude and build the right interaction with the target audience.

Final Words

Content marketing is an effective business marketing technology for creating and distributing popular content to attract the target audience and encourage them to make transactions one after another. A well-planned and effective content marketing strategy help SEO professionals to increase the overall ranking of websites on the web, make people aware of a particular brand, involve customers in conversion scenario every day. So, keep using content marketing for getting the desired success in the business.

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