Why AngularJS Is An Irresistible Choice For Your Next Web Application?

Feb 2017 / dana

Why AngularJS Is An Irresistible Choice For Your Next Web Application?

AngularJS is making a mark in the space of Web application development, and there are several good reasons for that. This Javascript framework is gaining a lot of attention due to its incredible benefits that work equally for both developers as well as enterprise owners. While working on enterprise web application, many developers realized how AngularJS improves quality, efficiency and simplicity of the entire development process. Not only that, this open source framework also helps developers minimize the hassle involved in testing the app for bugs and errors.

Here at the end of this blog, you will realize why AngularJS could be an irresistible choice for your next web development project.

Minimizes the challenges for developers

Built on MVC infrastructure, AngularJS soothes the common pain of developers in the matter of complexity, functionality and comfort while developing any web application. The framework perfectly alleviates the challenges involved in website application development process by providing ease in the matter of integrating HTML codes and application modules. AngularJS can prove to be a perfect choice for those who would like to stint on their technical resources wisely. This is because the framework contains basic HTML and offers directives to make the website dynamic and responsive.

Better design – development workflow

There is no doubt, you can ensure harmony, an uninterrupted flow in web development process using HTML and CSS technologies. However, AngularJS is a lot more ahead of them. It enables designer to add markup without having to break the entire application, and just by rearranging the specific portions of code with much ease and convenience. It promotes the idea of having a smooth environment where developers interact with the UI/UX team by expressing their logic. This establishes a better design-development workflow.

Code becomes Re-usable

This is another unique attribute that developers can leverage while developing enterprise web application. They can reuse the codes or their components used for different applications easily. This flexibility leaves a lot of scope for gaining competitive advantage over other apps.

Unlimited ease

AngularJS allows you to directly add any existing component from another source to your new application. All you need to do is to copy and paste the same into a new one, without much hassle. This process seems as easy as any web application development specialist desires.

Increased speed of testing and maintenance

AngularJS contains MVC infrastructure that has exemplary elements of desirable application development process. The framework offers speed of testing and maintenance, which makes it possible for developers to work with enhanced productivity.

Addresses Dependencies well

Dependency injection is a famous hallmark of AngularJS technology, making testing and SPI (Single Page Application) design easy to handle. This feature allows you to ask for your dependencies, avoiding the need for making it yourself. Make a request and DI will create it for you.

Web application market is surging with possibilities, but you will need a pool of veteran developers with productive mind to address all your business requirements. Build a viable website application by collaborating with the trusted minds in the industry. Consult with Spaculus for more insight on how to utilize the best technology.

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