Redesigning the design process: Major changes to expect in 2019

Mar 2019 / helena

Redesigning the design process: Major changes to expect in 2019

If you are running a business of a scale with a strong online presence, you often go too busy to care for the look and feel of your website. As time progresses, your website which is a powerful representative of your brand operations and value go a rustier and older – which is what customers avert from. They expect a modern feel and your potential clients may get first impression from website designing.

Hence, to remain relevant and advanced in today’s relentlessly dynamic and competitive world, an elegant web design is a must-have requirement. This is why your design team must follow a sound, efficient process of redesigning the website. So what major changes you can adopt in 2019 while reconsidering the elements of web designing that impact the final results?

Avoid the disintegration of design work

Product teams often miss out a lot due to misapprehension that that a single mastermind genius can perform all the design tasks through his or her exceptional talent. However, product design with a solo designer rarely works, you must rely on cohesive team efforts that works as a unit. Rather than disintegration, opt for the shared knowledge with a shared vision that comes from making every single member on the team count. They all have a shared goal and strategy of how they will get a refined product – web or UI/UX design.

DevOps with shared efforts and collaboration

As a unit, each team player should be motivated enough to invest their potential and opinions to bring massive value to the entire design process. Again, for this to happen, the organization should necessarily create an environment of togetherness, appreciation and proper collaboration, which eventually avoid any disconnection or miscommunication among designers and developers. The best example of such system is DevOps team where creators, developers and testers put together their best work while communicating throughout the web designing process.

Empower the design process with thorough research

Research work comes just before stepping into the design phase and product teams understand the role user research plays in the process. Since you need to be familiar with what product users would be like and expect, you need a precise approach to make right decisions. It is nonetheless most challenging and complicated for product teams to integrate user research in website designing and redesigning process. Apart from technical professionals, the role of user researchers has also evolved to go beyond conducting usual surveys and studies or analyzing results. In a modern design psychology, researcher promotes user knowledge and encourages product teams to glimpse into users’ world.

Emphasis on innovation

Since the word ‘innovation’ is perpetually clung to design ethics and design-religious community of web design, it is a dream of every team to develop innovative capability and stand out as a unique breakthrough product. But in an effort to support innovation-only web designing strategy, the design somehow suffers mediocrity and overenthusiastic consideration or consciousness about innovations. Of course, creative freedom drives innovation and entertains an idea of original solutions instead of going for those resembling existing ones. The key to integrating innovation therefore lies in being pragmatic about how much emphasis teams demonstrate on innovative products.

Shaping the Lean UX

Even in Agile methodologies of product development, creating a product grows overwhelming especially if product needs great rework and improvements post release. While creating UX and UI design, product teams often encounter serious predicament of reconsidering what was initially assumed about user problems. The most common pitfall these teams confront begins when they fail to validate their assumptions and jump straight to building it. The new rule of design to be embraced in 2019 would be to make the hypothesis that sits close to the user side of story, and to validate each guess of web designing prior to commitments.

Lean UX approach can save you from after-release hassle of rework and shows the functionality of hypothesis without building real product. As teams can know in advance if they have created the right design, they can build and iterate it quickly without compromising a lot of time on feedback implementation. It boosts your confidence around the design’s impact on user experience.

Design meetings and critical analysis

As UX design process is rendered lean yet efficient, it is time to work on design meetings held for critical analysis. The ideal meetings practice is what requires minimum gatherings and maximum decisions. In critique session, team members discuss and collect opinions on design ideas, trends and competitors’ approaches, and eventually evaluate the working status of existing and future design changes. The central focus of such crucial meetings is knowledge sharing and understanding what needs to be done to make the good design great.

Approach the website design project the right way

What changes do you want to see?

When making decisions about hiring a right website designing expert, ask relevant questions that speak of your vision and future picture. Share your expectations: faster load time, aesthetic elements, less clutter or minimalism. Clarity about design will drive pitfalls away.

Choose the best and get price quotes

You can rummage through a wide array of qualified design specialist companies and pick the one that speaks your tune and promises a bespoke design. Settle for the one whose quotes appeal to your requirements.

Final note

Digital products are getting more sophisticated and revamped as market is furiously embracing new changes. The old design process for web designing is no longer effective and needs to evolve to deliver rich user experience. The adoption of changes, though, will be a slow, iterative process that will be achieved over a course of time. The goal is to make design perfect and better with minimum turnaround time.

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