Here’s why the retailers should make a dedicated mobile app their ultimate choice

Feb 2017 / helena

Here’s why the retailers should make a dedicated mobile app their ultimate choice

As more and more people gravitate towards the idea of staying connected globally, the need for mobile app development goes on increasing in coming days. Ever since the mobile apps have jazzed up the world of digital devices, it has become more interesting for users to fiddle with their mobile screens for stretches of hours.

With the irresistible intrusion of mobile apps, Desktop usage is fading away. This very trend has captured massive attention of retailers who always crave the substantial surge in loyal customers. However, while mobile apps are surpassing desktop usage, there are retailers who are not sure whether to build mobile website or mobile apps to reach maximum customers.

This post discusses how mobile app designing is the most contemporary and effective way to engage mobile-only consumers. In the end, it is about creating a strong brand presence.

Transformation of retail commerce

Mobile apps are increasingly changing the functionality of retailing market. In fact, retail commerce is amongst the most mobile-influenced industries today. Online shopping apps got considerable boost in its usage two years ago. Moreover, Mobile commerce is expected to reach 45% of total e-commerce.
Additionally, 5th Annual Retail Survey of Cisco suggests that there is a high chance that 55% of shoppers will resort to retailer’s apps for their shopping needs. Customers believe in the transformation of retail commerce and depend on retail mobile apps greatly.

Unique customer experience

Customer experience is the prime priority for both retail business owners and mobile app developers. While building a superior mobile app for shopping, a good amount of attention is focused on creating an app that leaves behind an unforgettable customer experience. Contextual shopping is defining a new benchmark for ecommerce mobile app designing. In a world where customers are expecting life-turning changes, it would be impossible to cultivate just website-oriented mindset.

Temptation of Loyalty rewards

Mobile payments are a great way to pay for the services and products availed online by customers. The best part about mobile app is that it also facilitates reward programs for loyal customers, which is integrated as essential in-app features. You can think of adding much excitement for users by building personalized discount offers.

Thorough analytics and precise insight

Retail market should leverage the matrix of data about inclinations, interest and choices of customers in order to take smart, data-driven business decisions that ensure excellent shopping experience. Before you deliver most engaging experience for individual buyers, your mobile apps development strategy must consider gaining insight into customer behavior. Due to massive analytics capabilities offered by mobile apps, retailers can easily get the grasp of how customers are going to respond to their marketing activities and promotional offers.

Building a strong online presence

As customers ultimately turn to online way of shopping, retailers should religiously build a mobile app along with responsive mobile website. The preference of customers depends on the kind of device they use to access ecommerce market. However, mobile apps will undoubtedly be the new way to engage with your retail brand. So, the decision, ultimately, comes down to you.

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