Web design trends that are setting new rules for 2017

Feb 2017 / jenny

Web design trends that are setting new rules for 2017

As the world with all its global engagements is coming online, having strong web presence is the key to reaching more prospects. Web design and development itself is a vast field that keeps expanding with new technological introductions and game-changing innovations. For any online business to succeed in a competitive market, it is important to keep up-to-date and stay tuned to unique website designing trends.

New generation of website design specialists have a lot to offer, and the extent to which they can transform your business scale is unbelievable. But you must first prepare yourself for the web design trends that are making their mark in 2017. So here are top trends that are setting new rules for 2017:

Abundance of Animation and GIFs

As a Website Design Company well-versed in knowing the market nerve, we can say that animation and motion images (GIFs) are ready to be a next big thing. Websites are laden heavily with animations now a day, signalling how expression matters more than just some words. Animations can be an effective answer to How-to’s sort of questions.

2017 is likely to see predominance of lively animations since they have power to share and communicate the message with much ease and speed.

Landing pages leave bigger influence than homepage

More and more, businesses tend to target their actual audience, and in doing so content marketing plays a vital role. So, one of the website designing trends that is likely to emerge in 2017 is a demand for excellent landing page designs. Despite home page being important, online marketers direct the prospects to dedicated landing pages to create both on-site and off-site engagement.

Flat design is almost extinct now

The basics are fading away from web design market since flat web design is no longer found appealing from business point of view. Flat design will not make sense in 2017 web design trends simply because it fails to make you stand out in the relevant market. If you consult with any modern website design company, they will advice against such design that tarnishes creativity and leaves your web design looking ordinary.

Bold colours and gradients

Website design experts have almost abandoned traditional design methods and are focused more on creating a brand identity and unique personality for businesses. In 2017, we are about to see more emphasis on visually interesting design elements and bold styles as most liked by users.

Integrating users’ choices and their online behaviour, the art of website designing will grow to be more mature than before.

VR is the new essence of the design story

Virtual reality is now intruding the space of web design just like every other aspects of life. In 2017, we are most likely to experience more such VR applications and web designs to create gadget-free experience that looks real. VR-enabled user experience will be made rich, fulfilling and intelligent by anticipating customer’s specific requirements and delivering unique UX. This indicates the rise of revolutionary website designing in 2017.

As new technologies and trends surface, you will need an experienced website design company to build a highly functional, most advanced website. Spaculus provides comprehensive web design, development and content marketing solutions that match contemporary standards. Talk to us to know more about our services and methods.

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