Top Trends IT Pros Should Be Considered As Dominant In 2019


Jan 2019 / helena

Top Trends IT Pros Should Be Considered As Dominant In 2019

Despite being often criticized, IT Technology especially mobile technology has always attempted to boost speed and richness to our life experiences and learning processes. This is the reason why each year many tech summits and events have thousands of leaders flaunting their cutting-edge innovations and demonstrating ways to leverage them. From big-screen smartphones to smarter homes, the last year gave us a window into how these technologies have immense potential to improve our life.

In 2019, the buzz around new IT technology predictions hitting the market get even more passionate albeit with slightly self-serving, gaudy suggestions of marketing enthusiasts. Being into IT industry, here we have presented our market trends predictions of 2019 which is highly derived from last year’s ongoing developments, research, general observations on IT landscape and our own inferred opinions.

AI has many answers to many unsolved questions

It is true if we look at how AI as an IT technology has progressed and graduated from a less advanced point to more evolved position where it is able to demonstrate more capabilities than earlier. In 2019, AI might reach the crescendo of its impact to cure many existing mysteries plaguing the world of consumer electronics. Though not all enterprise businesses and SMEs have integrated artificial intelligence along with data-driven solutions in ongoing processes and functions, the hope is still high and will go atop with more surprising breakthroughs. At the moment, the technology has transformed processes such as inventory control, customer-friendly custom recommendations, security, manufacturing automation, IoT and big data analysis.

While AI is able to address common business woes, in future it is thought to resolve most all of business problems such as finding a great vendor with unquestionable proven track record or making important calls for property decisions or even finding a perfect employee.

Cloud computing

As the prospects of data security on IT technology landscape gets brighter and more vivid, the year will have more business bodies appreciating cloud computing solutions. One of the possible ways to adopt Cloud is to experiment with using many available versatile cloud-based products. Once you have ensured you have adequate development expertise available to execute applications, you can creatively attain your cloud data management mission. Some of the prominent names in cloud services are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM cloud’s Watson.

IoT is growing wilder

Usually, one common approach towards making new year predictions is using last year’s developments as foundation and inferring from it what is likely to happen next year. With this perspective in mind, if truth serves well for 2019 too, we can deduce that IoT has just started showing its vibrant colors. Being couched by millennials and market analysts as next big evolution in IT technology, IoT connected networks will house more devices than just mobile platforms. Wait for security cameras, facility monitors, printers, fax system and even manufacturing units all strung on the IoT-enabled network, running with excellent performance. Imagine these phone devices and equipment getting magnificently in sync with smart speakers and machines such as Alexa or Amazon Echo.

In 2019, it might strike as a challenge to figure out the ways to operate them all together to ensure they all are kept healthy and in control with proper data access and complexity management. There will also a couple of questions to address in terms of risks and network architecture.

Look for more innovations in Health and wellness

Health, fitness and general wellness are the kind of industry areas that gathered a lot of attention and summoned bigger summit in 2018. This year we are going to watch more success stories coming from powerful brands that know how to make people healthier, happier and more driven towards meeting their finest goals. Expect a thick growth of wearables around health tracking as brans leverage the IT technology fiercely to serve health-conscious consumers.

We will also see certain brands building dedicated health-oriented functionality directly into those devices. Marketers are likely to be haunted by the challenges around how effectively they can improve people’s physical and mental health status naturally. For instance, Apple and Google have added amazing features to monitor users’ screen time so as to realize when to unplug from the device to make life ‘less complicated’. Ultimately, these small steps lead to having devices that modify alerts and notifications to inspire people to make better life choices.

Digital assistants will rise and be resurgent

Like Google Assistant, Amazon’s decision to let Alexa ecosystem integrate with third-party applications has been compelling and garnered a lot of excitement from many contemporary device manufacturers that have already showed openness to implementing AI-powered assistant services. At CES 2018, Google seized the stage and dominated the event with 200+ exhibitors showing off their devices working harmoniously with Google Assistant.

Being a differentiating element in IT technology, digital assistants in 2019 will grow more popular and even common as brands will demonstrate how people can maximize its value. And this usage of digital assistants will be no gimmick, or one-time thing since such integrations will be powerful enough to make lives easier. If a brand’s product is used on daily basis, the brand will need to find out how the digital assistant enhances the routine even more.

Security risks would still loom as a questionable threat

To bring security risks into a complete perspective, we can conceive the amount of tension mounted by Russian and Chinese military organizations creating a cyber-war scenario with a sophisticated onslaught on US proceedings and IT systems in 2018. This also goes to pronounce that immeasurable vulnerabilities posed by our day-to-day IT systems in practice. In 2019, our digital interactions and communications will not be the same and may include VPNs (virtual private networks) for network connections such as cloud-enabled sync, IoT devices and VoIP communications. This year the encrypted information will be common across all PC operations, essentially for the data of both static and dynamic nature, on local or remote provider’s server.


These are a few good exciting trends lurking behind the promise of IT technology 2019. Despite the fact that tech market is at peak and might get quiet for a while, technological developments and excitements around them will remain persistent. We are likely to experience some significant stir in IT security products while other solid impacts will be essentially driven by economic movements. All in all, the business environment for accelerating research and development is set to touch another level.

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