Top Trending Mobile App Start-Up Ideas In 2018

Apr 2018 / mark

Top Trending Mobile App Start-Up Ideas In 2018

Mobile apps are gaining abundant traction and power, inspiring businesses to invest in building their own mobile apps to entice more customers. Since mobile apps are synonymous to unbridled growth potential, ambitious businessmen have no other choice than opting for this intense digital revolution.
Apart from this, the interest in having a business-specific, obsessive and competitive mobile app is also attributed to the fact that it is quite device-compatible, making it easier to interact with content than a plain website. In this blog, you will discover a few compelling mobile app start-up ideas based on hot trends in 2018.

1. Real-Time Instant Message Apps

This makes to the top of the list of trending apps in 2018. Feeling inspired by the envious success of Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and SnapChat, you can create your own IM apps with medley of features that work across all device platforms. Try to go unique when you extract the best of existing chat apps. The integration of social media in the app will make it more usable.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and becoming the most promising investment for today’s enterprises. AI is the next big invincible trend for future automation. Using AI’s sister technologies (Machine Learning, NLP and NLU), you can craft intelligence-driven, productive apps to enhance users’ lifestyle routine. For 2018 mobile app start-ups, you can consider ideas like:

  • AI-powered Fitness coach
  • Professional English Trainer
  • Voice-enabled customer service
  • Smart personal assistant
  • AI customer service chatbot
  • Personal Travel assistant

3. Criminal/Emergency Alert Apps

You can design a highly useful app that is focused on helping users at the time of unpredictable emergencies such as natural disasters, medical emergencies or crime scene. For instance, your app can send alert signal or message regarding wanted criminals in the area using its GPS system and can connect them with a single button to local police department, their family and friends and paramedics or disaster management unit.

4. Vacation and Travel Booking

Vacationing and travelling are among the hot trends, which can fuel the idea of creating a mobile app that helps tourists fetch wide variety of information about the city. The app can arrange for Taxi and would help with bus finder, local lively events and delicacies, best hotels and restaurants, etc. The possibilities with travel and tourism app are infinite.

5. Convenient Restaurant Reservation System

Build an app that enables online restaurant reservation through vivid graphics of restaurant availability, booking discipline and table-wise arrangements inside the premise. Users can explore deeper view of precise table availability at given timing so that they when it is time to dine, they won’t fall behind. All these can be done with your powerful mobile app.

6. Online Floral and Gift Shop

Building an app that facilitates online flower delivery and gift can be more than bland ecommerce portal. Through online floral and gift shop, you can offer more convenience to users by allowing them to schedule gift deliveries for upcoming birthdays of their friends, spouses and relatives. Users will have little hassle as your app would select the best gift or flowers itself and schedule a home delivery for a perfect surprise.

Conclusive Remarks

Mobile is the most sought-after device now as it simplifies life and enriches people’s living style. Due to such extensive use of mobile apps, this is the best time to fulfil your mobile app start-up dream. You can choose any of the above mobile app ideas that are trending and auspicious to business logic. Hopefully these ideas will give you boost enough to develop your own mobile app in near future.

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