Top Reasons Why You Should Think of Developing Live Streaming Web and Mobile Apps For Your Business During Covid 19 Pandemic

Mar 2020 / robert_spaculus

Top Reasons Why You Should Think of Developing Live Streaming Web and Mobile Apps For Your Business During Covid 19 Pandemic

Are you a serious business owner? Do you want to drive your business even during country wide, world wide lock-down situations? Do you want to conquer the current situation and take your business to the next level? Do you want to be ahead of your competitors when things get normal? If answer is yes, then below information is a perfect fit for you.

“World is moving towards virtualization”. People are quarantined by force or by own will throughout the world and this condition is not going to be resolved in nearby future. Due to this 180 degree change, most of the businesses are facing challenges in acquiring new business, connecting with existing customers and providing supports and so on. You may obviously offer phone and email support to your customers, but it’s time to increase your capabilities and ensure that your patrons can reach out to you – no matter where they are.

As a solution, by making use of streaming services, you can stay connected and engage in a loop with your clients and customers, even if they are self-quarantined.

Due to this covid 19 crisis, it is important that you take a decision to develop and integrate solution into your business. Such early decisions can take you in the front seat far ahead of your competitors too. Even customers and prospects would like such innovative initiatives which can generate a referral business for you.

Spaculus Software has an immense amount of experience in developing such WebRTC streaming web and mobile applications.

Here’s why you should choose Spaculus:

– More than five online streaming solutions already delivered and successfully running in the market. Here is the video testimonial of one of the best developed by Spaculus –

– Great knowledge of 3rd party provider platforms like Tokbox/Vonage, Wowza,, Twillio, eJabberd, Firebase and open source SDKs/APIs.

– We have practical knowledge in creating required cloud infrastructure for managing video, audio and chat functions. Also, we have an in-house server and cloud team to manage all the activities.

– Highly qualified and experienced team with a knowledge for streaming solutions development for web, windows and mobile technologies like Node.js, .Net, PHP, Python, Curl, Javascript, REST, RESTful, Android, iOS Objective C, iOS Swift, Cross Platforms and many more.

– There is a special team for conducting deep research for managing any new technology or upgradation in recent technologies for developing video, audio, chat or development.

Let us talk how a real time video, audio and text based chat system is booming the world especially during this period when everybody is quarantined inside house and how it can help you to create an extra edge over your competitors in the industry. Contact us at +1-323-250-0506 or write at and we will response in no-time.

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