Top Reasons of Why You Should Choose AWS Auto Scaling For Your Application Deployment

Jul 2018 / jenny

Top Reasons of Why You Should Choose AWS Auto Scaling For Your Application Deployment

AWS Auto Scaling observes your applications and automatically adjusts the capacity to keep or maintain server steady. It is easy for AWS Auto Scaling to setup application scaling for multiple resources over multiple services within minutes. This service provides a simple, powerful user interface that allows you to build scaling plans for multiple resources. You can easily optimize performance, costs or balance between them from the recommendations of AWS Auto Scaling. This will make your scaling simple and your applications will always have the right resource at the right time.

By using AWS Management Console, Command Line Interface (CLI), or SDK, you can easily get start with AWS Auto Scaling. It is available at no additional charges; you just have to pay for AWS resources and Amazon Cloud Watch.

The following platforms are currently supported; list is increasing day by day:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 or later for 32/64 bit
  • Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS for 32/64 bit
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS
  • Amazon Linux AMI 2014.09 for 32 bit
  • Amazon Linux AMI 2016.09
  • CentOS 7.x


Autoscaling is a built-in feature in AWS that will automatically adjusts on how your AWS setup reacts to loads. You can use Autoscaling service to make your setup autoscale up or down within your specified limits. It will make applications scale better and provide a consistent user experience by adding and removing server resources as needed. The Auto Scaling feature enables your EC2 instances to easily handle the loads without any intervention of human.

Why Auto Scaling?

When the online marketers spend time to drive traffic to websites and IT provisioning is difficult even if you know that the traffic is coming. But what if when you don’t know the huge traffic spike will hit your server? The flexibility of AWS autoscaling will predict and provision extra servers in advance of influx traffic spikes.


The AWS Auto Scaling allows you to set the target of utilization levels for multiple resources in a single interface. Without navigating to other console, you can easily see the average utilization of all your scalable resources.

The AWS Auto Scaling allows you to create scaling plans that automate how group of different resources respond to changes. It also let you to optimize availability, cost or balance both. The AWS Auto Scaling automatically builds the scaling policies and according to your preferences it sets the target. AWS Auto scaling observes your application and according to the demand, it adds or removes capacity from your resource groups in real-time.

The AWS Auto Scaling maintains the optimum application performance and availability, even if the workload is periodic or continuously changing. AWS Auto Scaling continually keeps track of your applications to make it clear that they are operating at the desired performance levels. Whenever the demand influxes, it will automatically increase the capacity of required resources so you continue with high quality of service.

When consuming AWS services, the AWS Auto Scaling let you to optimize your utilization and cost efficiencies. So you only pay for the resources that you actually need. With the drop in demand, AWS Auto Scaling will automatically remove any surplus resource capacity. It is free to use and also allow you to optimize the cost of AWS environment.

The advantage of automatic scaling up and down servers based on the defined rules lets you get free from managing your servers. It lets us focus more on application development rather than spending lots of hours behind managing servers. You can get worry free of huge traffic spikes if you have deployed your web or mobile application on AWS Auto Scaling server environment. Spaculus is a complete one-stop solution for AWS Auto Scaling Server Environment creation for your application deployment, contact us today!

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