Top 6 Most Exciting Trends In The World Of Gaming Technologies Today

Apr 2018 / jenny

Top 6 Most Exciting Trends In The World Of Gaming Technologies Today

Video games are essential leisure activities and provide pleasant distractions especially to young adults and kids. Today gamers expect rich, interactive and unusual experience while playing their favourite video games. This is why game developers leverage the innovative gaming technologies to transform user experience. In recent years a new breed of game-specific technologies has evolved, injecting thrilling surprises in gameplay. Let’s dive into top 6 most exciting game trends flourishing in the world of gaming technologies today.

1. Wearable gaming experience

With gaming technology, Wearables are now going beyond its serious role as they are more than just a fitness tracker and have become next-gen gaming device. Wearable gaming experience has enhanced fun factor for game addicts who wish to remain inconspicuous while playing with wearables. Therefore, smartwatches and display glasses are built compact and smart. Digital market 2018 expects more companies to support in-built entertainment elements in wearables.

2. Frenzy for mobile gaming

Ever since gaming techs seeped into mainstream world, Smartphones have brought in an all-new face of digital gaming as the experience switched from large TV and PC consoles sets to small mobile screen. Extracting users from their living room reality, mobile gaming technology offers an unbelievable escape to people who want to take their game wherever they go. Frenzy for mobile gaming is therefore so prevalent and has everyone around you clung to mobile gaming fantasies.

3. Esports replacing physical sports

Esports in recent times has emerged as a new cool trend in which international tournaments are reshaped as multiplayer live video gaming events where participants compete to win the championship. In 2018 such Esports have gone infectious globally and is favourite especially among young demographics. Considering worldwide craze for digital format of Esports, Market experts believe that Esports offer tough rivalry to real sports, engaging more audience than through outdoor physical sports.

4. Gesture control for gaming

To make gaming experience more electrifying and unique, modern technology surpasses voice commands and incorporates human hand gestures to control gameplay elements. For instance, with Intel RealSense, you can indulge in first person shooter games while interacting with your device using specific hand gestures. The technology leverages 3D camera technology that considers 22 different points in your hand for its computing system to read your organic hand movements. Gesture control, hence, is another significant trend in gaming techs.

5. AR’s disruption

Seen as a VR cousin, AR (Augmented Reality) hangs you somewhere between real world and digital dreamy world, giving you the excitement from the best of virtual and actual realities. AR sets users free from the limits of TV and PC displays and immerse them in all new perspectives and clever experiences where the difference between the real and the unreal surprisingly fades. AR users can convert their house into playground and can play table tennis on their kitchen counter.

6. Extensive cloud gaming

The conventional approach of building games has improved with mobile game developers switching from hardware system to cloud environment. Traditionally, video games architecture contains a gamin consoles with complex hardware structure and physical memory disc while cloud allows more flexibility to developers and users and enables unlimited experience. Cloud system comes with extensive servers that generate dynamic images streaming on user’s device via internet.

Concluding remarks

Discussed above are some of the remarkable trends that stimulate the world of gaming technologies. In 2018, certain disruptive technologies are creating brighter future for gamers. However, the pace of innovation is still unforeseeable. The factors like security, government compliance and user’s adaptability are what obstruct the integration of cutting edge tech. Hopefully, we will witness more advanced gaming realities in future.

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