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We are a Laravel development company that works with small and large businesses to create custom, high-quality web applications, mobile apps, and websites. Our developers are highly skilled and have worked with a variety of industries.
We offer custom web development services, enterprise solutions development and restful Web Services for the mobile first world. We have experience with Laravel web development services that allows us to develop content management systems (CMSs), POS systems, CRMs and personal music streaming servers.


Services We Offer

Spaculus provides comprehensive Laravel development services, offering extensive customization to tailor built-in features and functionalities of templates designed for specific business use cases. We specialize in creating unique designs and user experiences for modern app development using the Laravel framework.

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • E-commerce development

Spaculus excels in progressive enterprise solution development through best-in-class Laravel practices. Our services provide built-in capabilities to facilitate large-scale, enterprise-grade web development. Additionally, the inclusion of Complete Source Code Authorization streamlines integrations during the web application development lifecycle. We ensure seamless Laravel enterprise development by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

  • Laravel Cloud development
  • CRM Development
  • CMS Development

Our custom Laravel development services focus on building on-demand solutions that address specific business challenges with care and flexibility. Utilizing customized RESTful APIs, integration, and bespoke dashboards, we harness the unique qualities of Laravel to cater to diverse areas such as eCommerce, payment, and more.

  • Template designing and development
  • Custom development and integrations
  • Laravel extension development

Spaculus offers highly responsive support and maintenance services, addressing queries and issues through flexible maintenance packages tailored to immediate and long-term needs. Whether you require fixing slow or underperforming Laravel web applications or installing the latest security patches, our team is ready to assist.

  • Application re-engineering and enhancement
  • Application up-gradation
  • Application migration to Laravel

Benefits of Laravel for Web App Development

Rapid Application Development

Robust Performance

Dedicated Template Engine

Easy Integration

Built-in Testing

Load Development Environment

Why Choose Us?


Quality Assurance and Testing

At Spaculus Software, we have a proven history of flawlessly executing large-scale and intricate web development projects. Our business layer modules are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge backend technologies, frameworks, and robust quality assurance methodologies. This commitment ensures that the applications we create consistently meet the highest standards of quality.


Transparent Communication Excellence

As a pioneering Laravel Web Application Development Company, Spaculus Software specializes in delivering agile and context-driven web solutions. Our commitment to transparent communication, encompassing aspects such as quality, pricing, and overall performance, has earned us the trust and admiration of numerous burgeoning companies.


End-to-End Development Expertise

Our Laravel solutions capitalize on the benefits of full-stack development, leveraging years of experience to guarantee impeccable design, responsive user interfaces, cost-effective delivery, and seamless iterations for both the frontend and backend. Our certified Laravel developers excel in creating top-notch designs and applications.


Unparalleled Support Services

The Spaculus Software team is highly responsive and well-equipped to provide support for Laravel migration and application development. Whether you require assistance with MVC support, Laravel migration, template management, or authentication, caching, and sessions, we are prepared to tackle any challenge you may face.

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