Smart Strategies For Successful Mobile App Launch In 2018

Aug 2018 / jenny

Smart Strategies For Successful Mobile App Launch In 2018

There is no denial that launching an app is a process that can be challenging due to intense and dynamic mobile app market. The task requires smart considerations and flawless planning as simply releasing the app to app stores will never suffice. So you must include powerful elements in your mobile app marketing and launch strategy.

In reality, the process of promoting and launching the app starts long before it is launched. To pique the interest of wide audience and engage them, the marketing process should be initiated during the development of the app.

Here are a few smart strategies for successful mobile app launch in 2018:

Understand user expectations

Your target users are central to everything from design, development to the marketing and promotion of the app. Hence, one of the primary aspects of successful mobile app launch strategy is to put customers first in everything you do. The best way to pitch your customers is to identify who they would be. Conduct a thorough market research and prepare an accurate sketch of user expectations with questions like:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Why would they feel interested in your app?
  • What features may attract them?
  • How does your app be relevant to users?

Study your nearest competitors

When you launch your mobile app in the market, it is possible that there are already similar apps booming in the popular app stores. Having competitors can actually work in your favor if you know how to leverage them. You can learn from their existing presence and features based on which it becomes easy to carve your own roadmap for development as well as marketing. Find answers to:

  • Why are your competitors so popular?
  • What are the vital features for their app success?
  • Who is their target audience?
  • What keywords do they include for discoverability?
  • What are their app reviews speaking?

Give your app a name to remember

Your unique value proposition or selling point could be as simple as an app name. Try to be original while deciding an appropriate name for your app and make it attractive. To make your app easily searchable during and after the launch, you will need to capitalize on the response its name gets. Naming an app is an art and requires a good deal of smart skills and brainstorming. It has to be witty, relevant and easily memorable while also being searchable.

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Create an informative landing page

To increase the effect of app launch organically, a beautifully designed landing page on your website always comes handy. You can opt for paid advertising solutions for landing page marketing on social media and via emails. Fill the landing page with best features and solutions offered by your app so that users can instantly connect with it. Video can also be a powerful marketing tool and is the best way to capture user attention. Demonstrate the pros and capabilities of your new app in the 30 second video and display it visibly on the landing page.

Build a microsite for stronger online presence

It will be easy and faster for users to find you when you create a website which can be minimalistic yet does the job significantly. A dedicated pre-launch microsite helps market your app outside the app store and brings nice SEO results. It creates a good engagement around your app and prompts the interested people to download it. Employ catchy call-to-actions and leave contact form to enter email addresses so that you can send emails to potential buyers for promotion.

Craft rich marketing content

How can you launch an app without supporting content? Since content creates user acquisition channels, it is important to build a solid content marketing strategy that creates gargantuan amount of followers and wide community. The mantra is to write stories around your app that grab instant attention of target users. Try to be active on social channels where your audience is most visible such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Quora or other publishing and blogging media. Make sure you enrich your content with keywords most users are familiar with.


For experiencing exceptional response at the time of app launch, you need to write the strategy from the beginning of the development. Be clear about your value proposition and buyer behavior and prepare your marketing materials from the early phase to make the app launch a desired success. It is how strong you build your online presence that decides the ultimate success for your app launch.

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