React.Js Framework: Singular Pros That Make It An Outstanding Choice For Developers

Apr 2017 / helena

React.Js Framework: Singular Pros That Make It An Outstanding Choice For Developers

React.js is Facebook’s creation that helps programmers develop user interface. This Javascript library works on multiple platforms and is admired for its simplicity, ease and usability it offers to app developers. The prominent benefit that end users can reap from React.js based interface is its seamless performance. Facebook is a living example of how managed, organized and flawless a website or mobile app can get using Javascript as main framework.

After the growing success of React.js, Facebook has made it open source enabling thousands of developers to utilize its capability and build a React users’ community. More and more web and mobile app developers begin to trust the power and efficiency of React.js mainly due to the fact that is it well curated, tested and maintained by Facebook creators. It works best for Facebook and millions of users are happy with its practical performance.

So let’s learn a little more about its pros and why it can be an exemplary choice for diligent developers active in the outsourcing world.

More convenient than Angular.js

Built by Facebook, React.js has offered little pain and more pros to global community of developers, and its satisfactory performance is good just about everyone. Compared to Google’s Angular.js has certain down points. For instance, Google itself don’t prefer Angular.js for the development of its many apps. Moreover, the latest version 2 of Angular.js is not deemed to be a standard update and is flawed with a fact that it’s a complete rewriting of the previous framework. This suggests that applications built using the first version need to be rewritten from scratch. This in turn increases efforts and challenges on development side, making for an unfeasible, tiring solution for app developers.

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Provides easy learning curve

It is clear that wise Facebook makers will not take the risk of introducing difficult changes to their framework since they are using it in their web, Android and iOS apps. Developers’ community are also happy to know that React.js offers easy and adoptable learning curve, helping them become masterful in less time. This is also because technically React.js comprises of components that are built to cohere everything in one place, shortening the time it takes for the development process. Due to such ease and speed of adaptation, the learning curve for development specialists becomes quite short.

Increased agility and enhanced speed for development

The biggest pro of using React.js javascript is that it visibly increases agility and efficiency during development process. Once the structure is built, React.js allows you to use it anywhere in the system where it remains synchronized evenly. This avoids the need to change anything about it every time there is a need to build apps. In React.js, only certain parts need to be changed when the app is revised, which enhanced productivity, performance and speed with which apps are launched and new features are introduced.

Search engine optimization friendly

When it comes to making your website or app SEO friendly, the javascript framework of React.js is quite responsive towards search engine optimization efforts. Everybody using the framework trusts the power of React.js framework in this area. If you run it on the server, DOM (virtual object model) will act as individual web pages and accompanies you well at the time of optimization. This is unlike Angular.js where code sharing is unavailable in many editors.

React.js also offers generous community support along with its strong technical pros. Its ever growing community constantly shares their ideas and solutions about building new game-changing components. If you are looking to develop a highly functional, competitive website or mobile app that work seamlessly across all platforms, React.js could deliver the best results.

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