Planning For a Website Redesign? The Essential Checklist To Follow

Dec 2019 / jenny

Planning For a Website Redesign? The Essential Checklist To Follow

Do you think you are slightly accountable for your organization’s online presence and marketing? If yes, then you might have had a thought or talk about a website redesign. It could be that the site isn’t coming up with ample leads. It could be that the website is outdated and fails to match the branding. It could also be generating wrong leads and that too at a slow speed.

The task of website design

Website redesigning is not an easy task! It is a massive project, and regardless of your company size, you should get it done correctly. When you cut corners, it doesn’t lead to the right product. It does double harm to sales and marketing initiatives.

On the other hand, correct research, planning, and minimal foresight might make the redesign process a great success. For this, you need to implement a website redesign SEO checklist. Some of the essential points of this checklist are:

1. Make sure to audit the present site and its assets

It’s the very first step for website redesigning. You need to know the place you stand. When you assess what collateral is accessible, the pages that people visit frequently, and understand the elements that are missing – you have an idea of what to refresh and repurpose. You also know what element should get created right from scratch.

When you use analytics to check the user trends, you might come across web pages that provide a decent amount of traffic, that none felt was essential.

After this, you should mark these webpages and save it to test it later. It is essential to know what’s appealing other than the obvious.

Do you find a website campaign that generates website traffic? Are your online visitors visiting the site because of the content? Also, are they leaving because of the wrong messaging? You must have a clear understanding of all the weak points. It will help you to implement the required changes. Also, the strong web pages, convert well, and generate good web traffic should stay intact. You can get it optimized it later.

2. Analyze the competition and get the necessary inspiration

Considering all that you gathered in the site audit, it is essential to think of how you want the site to appear! Are you planning for a store? Are you sure about the imageries that your users will prefer? Are you sure of the best layouts to use? You need to gather the required know-how and analyze other sites and consider the best practices in this industry.

It is always better to consider two to three market players into consideration and spend a couple of hours on it. You need to check the common threads and see whether they mention about pricing. Check if they are making use of any particular videos and visuals? You might want to refer to the page list that you created during the website audit. Are there any similarities during the competitor website?

You might check out other websites for mote knowledge, ensure to bookmark the interesting elements! It will help you to give the users better website experience. It might be a great layout, using a testimonial, juxtaposing content and image, and the like. These elements can be anything that’s appealing and helps your agency or team to know what you want and design a better user experience.

3. Review, update and created the brand guidelines and the styles

You must review all the brand styles and instructions for setting up a cohesive design. You can start by reviewing the present branding guidelines and their efficiency. Are these guidelines outdated? Do you find the fonts tough to read? Have you found a font hierarchy? You can also check whether the brand tone is getting depicted correctly.

It is for this reason; this step directs all your attention to a consistent design and showcases your brand. Ensure that all the brand colors showcased have precise portrayals that comprise of Hex, RGB, and the CMYK. The other vital items that you can include consist of the iconography, button styles, fonts, and logo use. The objective here is to provide a guideline to anyone who does the designing for the brand. And it is to ensure that there’s consistency all through media that is in the video, print, and web.

Also, when you add a button hierarchy that corresponds to various marketing funnel stages, it helps the user in their journey. You can also align the particular button colors with specific steps that provide consistency all through the site. It also clarifies the user’s journey and enhances their experience.

4. You have to set goals

With a good amount of effort and money, which gets directed in the website redesign, knowing whether it will be successful is challenging. You can set realistic goals for the website for measuring and referencing the success, which is very crucial. Here it is essential to know the status of your website. If your present website comes with a steady flow of web traffic with fewer leads, it is necessary to set a target to maximize the conversion rate. And all the goals that you set for your website should get communicated to the website redesigning team. That will help them to streamline their tasks better. It is essential to know that website redesigning is not easy. Also, it doesn’t work like a magic wand that will resolve everything. It is necessary to mend a few errors while you are in the process.

There are several benefits of website redesigning! If you plan and execute it well, it can enhance the stats and also get your brand back on track to attain all objectives. However, it is essential to keep a record of it in the first few months once the launch gets done. You shouldn’t be waiting to see the changes within a day or two. You need to give it some time and see how the process unfolds itself. If there’s need, you can make a few tweaks as well.

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