Online Booking Apps: Benefits And Impact On Several Industries

Mar 2019 / dana

Online Booking Apps: Benefits And Impact On Several Industries

Mobile apps are nowadays playing a powerful booster to the rapid success of many business domains. From marketing and advertising to monetization and engagement, these mobile apps are touching almost every operation businesses around the globe can think of. In the past couple of years, online booking apps especially have emerged as a great solution for challenges involved in Travel and Tourism industry.

With maps, guide and clear panoramic view of locations, these interactive and user-friendly mobile apps offer innovative features and functionalities built to outsmart your world. It is nice to know that travel and tourism industry is estimated to reach $17.3 billion by 2020. The prevalent popularity of online booking apps is heavily attributed to people’s burgeoning dependence on smartphones for assorted bookings such as flight, bus, cab, hotel rooms and entire trips.

Here we are going to understand briefly how online booking mobile apps benefit users and businesses alike and their impact on several industries.

Ease and convenience

Those who fancy the concept of booking their entire travel and tours right from one single portal would surely fancy using online booking apps. The ease of booking your favorite destinations in a few good taps and clicks without leaving the comfort of your home is one charming advantage the holiday planners gain. Facilitating all luxuries under one roof, the online booking apps can help you book local transportation services, buy the holiday trip of your choice, choose the destination services, book hotel reservation with desirable amenities, and avail respective discounts.

It is the sheer convenience of performing all the tasks without switching to multiple portals that make travel booking apps quite popular. The users enjoy a range of bonus features like:

  • Taxi booking solutions
  • Live weather updates
  • Sightseeing options
  • Clear Reviews and ratings
  • Free cancellation facilities
  • Local spot restaurants and shopping places

Boundless marketing opportunities

Having an online booking app opens the doors to unbounded marketing opportunities with online marketing and business promotion tactics. Leveraged as an essential marketing tool, the travel booking app enhances your business visibility, customer retention and expansion. For example, you can ask local vendors and restaurants that are popular in holiday destinations to collaborate with your business.

Apart from this, advertising your business application to create awareness and appeal among the target audience becomes impactful with push notification services. Messages of this sort helps you not only connect with customers but also retain them for long time.

Social media ads are also the best way to market your online booking business and garner more information and attention from prospect users.

Simplified transactions

Mobile applications focused on quenching your traveling needs in style also have built-in payment system that eliminates a lot of hassle you could face otherwise. Smartphone apps offer portable, quick and secure methods of saving your transactions in soft copies inside your device. This means you can carry all your records of hotel booking and transportation reservations wherever you go.

As users are allowed to complete the payment process without a worry about cash, the whole transaction process becomes simplified and safe.

Advanced services: Event booking and emergencies

From the last year’s digital scenario of trends and advancements, modernism has been adopted across a wide stretch of industries. One of them is event and concert booking where purpose-specific advanced options are generated for event and concert lovers. Even ticket booking has opened one more channel in the world of online booking solutions.

Stubhub, for instance, is one of the leading online ticket booking apps where users can view and pick from the range of scheduled events like sports and concerts.

In addition to this, certain travel service apps also help travelers seek help during dire emergencies like natural disasters or criminal. Features of this ilk will also add value and can be used to further boost customer relationship.

End-to-end communication

One of the biggest advantages travel companies gain from building an online booking mobile app is the ease of communication from beginning of the interaction until the destination is reached and even beyond. The ability to accompany tourists and travelers through engaging in the most intimate conversations during and after the trip helps companies build a strong bond with clients.

Consider Makemytrip as a typically dynamic example in this category. Offering a potential communication channel, mobile apps enable companies to request feedback on trips, suggest relevant packages or excite with more information on latest travel trends. Mobile apps thus ensure mature, personalized communication to retain and expand customer base.

In-depth customer insight

Your online booking mobile app is not built just to serve customers after they inquire, but also to suggest them beforehand on what they might need or want. By gathering in-depth metrics and insights from customer’s previous interactions in your app, you can precisely know where exactly customers spend more time, their fondness and special interests and their general expectations or requirements.

From a general standpoint, travel companies can treat their mobile app as a well-monitored environment to source the browsing habits and purchase preferences of app’s demographics. The data can be converted into a clever strategy to entice the loyal patrons with custom product offers, discounts, promotions and push messages.

Bottom line

Whether it is for travel and tour booking, flight and cab, hotel reservations or event and meal booking, online booking mobile apps have come a long way in helping businesses reach and acquire maximum customers. These smartphone apps are surefire way to attract significant ROI. With relatable features and personalized offers, mobile apps can carve a long-term business fortune and customer relationship.

For customers to become loyal patrons, make sure your app is modern enough to maintain sophisticated security standards. If you have envisioned a superior online booking mobile app, let Spaculus team of developers know the brief of your project to deliver exactly what you want.

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