Must-Have Travel App Features To Fascinate Avid Travelers

Apr 2019 / robert_spaculus

Must-Have Travel App Features To Fascinate Avid Travelers

Online travel booking apps are growing in leaps and bounds in their demand and the change is caused by smartphones users who dedicate massive amount of time to mobile apps. Holiday planners and travel enthusiasts are no exception as they map out their itinerary for holiday destinations using travel apps. Due to this sudden surge in mobile bookings, the need to build fascinating travel apps for those avid travelers has never been so pressing.

A consummate mobile app is the one that surpasses beyond the usual and surprise travelers with features they never expected in the first place. The revenue generation model of travel apps also benefits the travel firms. Considering the realization that mobile apps are the future for travel agencies, we have discussed must-have travel app features for today’s travelers.

Offline access

Online booking apps are incomplete without handy navigational and geolocation features, but why not stepping up your game a level higher and offer something that is exclusive? Offline access could be one of those special features that would make your mobile app even more user-friendly. In addition to online activities, allow users to access the features offline in your app. Collaborating with a travel apps developers ensure this feature functions accurately in offline mode with no data connection.

Accurate Search & Advanced Filter Options

When customers land on their holiday destination, it is expected that they will look for local restaurants and sightseeing attractions. Having a reliable search tool with advanced search and filter capability enables ease for users to find important details about popular spots, attractions, events and more in the area.

Due to optimized filter, tourists will get what they want to know without getting lost. To enhance the function, online travel booking apps can enable recommendations matching travelers’ tastes. Third-party APIs such as Google Places or Facebook Places API create relevant tools to enable data-driven sightseeing recommendations.

Travel plan generator

Tourists and explorers appreciate this feature since it has incredible automatic time-saving knack about it. Building a feature of itinerary generator – which is often found in apps like Holidify and MakeMyTrip – you can please and attract more app users. Users just mention the location (or tourist attractions and landmarks) of interest and the app displays travel recommendations.

Since such features may contain technical complications, Travel apps developers are the best remedy for perfect implementation.

Differentiating factor: Unique hotel/travel booking services

If built right, this head feature around which your travel app revolves will rank high in the existing travel market competition. Apart from hotels and destinations, make sure the booking segment of the app houses inbuilt flight, bus and train booking functionality. When it comes to encouraging your app users to book the entire itinerary, loyalty rewards such as special discounts or offers come handy. Let them choose flights or public transportation along with accommodations for their trips in a few taps. To fuel your app’s marketing efforts in initial days, keep a referral bonus system for early joiners.

Navigation & Geo location

A traveler always needs and seeks some assistance as they arrive at the destination spot since they are not acquainted with the local directions. To safely reach the desired destination (hotel, villa or restaurant), geolocation will play a role of leading guide. Online travel booking apps must be on user’s side as they navigate around easily, get cab and follow the road ahead.

The feature is worth the investment as it pays off. Make sure your MVP incudes geolocation feature, too. You can think of Google Maps SDK to add maps with route guide and detailed navigation for both iOS and Android.

Weather forecast

Tourists often neglect the unpredictable part of weather in their journey especially while booking flights. To ward off the consequences of climate-induced debacle, it is important to integrate a feature of real-time weather forecast that alerts travelers of possible weather condition as they plan their itinerary. Take a look at third-party apps like AccuWeather that are focused on accurate weather reports (cloud formation, wind quality, humidity, etc) for countless locations across the globe.

Currency & time converters

This is another thoughtful feature that works like a fruitful value proposition for travel apps. Being on a trip outside the country requires currency exchange. So why not let them find the solution right within your app? Collaborate with talented travel app developers who are versed in integrating currency converter feature with accurate data on recent currency variations.

Again, cross-country trips involve the challenges of stepping into different time zones – which lead to terrible confusion. Have a feature of time converter built for users to track the changes in time zones and calculate correct clock times across the world.

Third-party local transportation services

With navigational aid, tourists and travelers also require reliable and fast transportation as they leave the airport or station and head to their booked hotel or a local attraction. Make sure your travel app product has third-party cab service feature built in. This extra service also makes you earn as users avail the service. For instance, Uber enriches your business model by giving you an opportunity to earn a small amount per user.

Social feed and sharing

There is rarely any service-based app whose MVP forgoes social sharing capability. Online travel booking apps integrate this must-have feature in its very basic model. As tourists enjoy this organic ability to share their travel snaps and choices with friends via social feeds on Twitter and Facebook, your app increases the chance of natural word of mouth.

Reviews and ratings

If you leave this feature discarded, your travel app will collapse to a calamity. Any information you have about hotels, spots and clubs will be regarded as plain rot unless you corroborate with a proof. Users prefer to study reviews and testimonials from other travelers sharing their experience and opinions before their select your recommendations. A feature of this sort helps your travel app users make informed trip decisions. Today’s successful big travel apps capitalize on a strong review system for boosting brand awareness and fan following.

Final words

When compared to other successful travel apps, your product will stand out if it contains many of these features. Since the travel industry is one the rise but has many contenders striving to emerge to the top, you really need a proper guide and strong consultation with a mobile app development partner. Remember that your app is likely to propose the best value for your users if it has features that are rare to be discovered anywhere else in the realm of travel apps.

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