Must-Have Essentials For Making a Modern Real-Time Chat App

Mar 2018 / mark

Must-Have Essentials For Making a Modern Real-Time Chat App

Like gaming apps, mobile apps that enable quick, convenient and real-time messages are also hitting the mark in the mobile app development market. In last few years, we saw tremendous surge in the popularity of modern-themed chat apps due to its unquestionable ability to offer real-time interactions with personalized features. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Telegram are a few of those loved by mobile users globally in past few years.

But what defines a real-time modern chat app that engages users while fulfilling all their requirements with scalability. Ever since its inception, the world of mobile chat apps has immensely evolved in its capability. Whatsapp has been quite a buzz and has acquired millions of customers from various countries. Many companies nowadays wish to emulate the success of Whatsapp to be an established name and touch vast base of users.

So how to approach the idea of developing a full-fledged, feature-rich and innovative instant messaging chat app that works on all the platforms like Android and iOS? Let’s dig a little deeper to find the solution and determine the must-have essentials for making a modern real-time chat app.

Defining potential attributes that make chat app famous

For a mobile chat app to be famous, it must possess unique functionality built with innovative approach and scalability. Whatsapp interacts with local environment of user’s device and lets users chat with the contacts in their phonebook. Despite the blinding success of Whatsapp, creating fresh, unforeseen and interactive elements inside the app can help you prosper in the messaging market.

For instance, you may think of including integrating social media profiles into a chat app or having a smart voice-recognition system for registration and successive log-ins if these are yet to be implemented in future real-time chat apps.

At the moment, there are companies trying to experiment with the concept of adapting to the intelligent platforms, building an app with Artificial Intelligence and chatbots.

Consider weaving the incredible solutions like Enterprise-level communication, E-commerce integration or intelligence-driven features with automated responses like many popular social media (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) have started.

After introducing potential features and acquiring enough users, you can think of touching the next level by scaling up your approach and developing even better, smarter and faster solutions.

Technologies for Instant messaging apps

Here are some of the technological marvels you can adopt for building the back-end architecture of the highly functional modern instant messaging chat app:

Message application

ERLANG: Many epic names in instant message world leverage this superior programming language. Popular for its impressive performance, speed and scalability, prominent instant messaging apps (Whatsapp, Wechat, etc) prefer to use the general purpose language Erlang. It has great usability, offers intuitive user experience and processes high volume of messages at great speed.

Cassandra: It is one of the most easily available chat app creators in the instant message app development market. Leveraged by many developers, Cassandra is known for its reliability, ease and good scalability. You can replicate multiple datacentres with it while also restricting incidents like local data outage.

Ejabberd: Ejabberd is an open source jabber you can use to boost operational efficiency and can be optimized for the best of outcome. For handling messge delivery system over a Wi-Fi or Internet, it has XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. The Ejabberd server offers incredible features like:

1. One-on-one Chat
2. Offline message handling
3. Contacting people on the personal list
4. Message typing protocol
5. Group Chat
6. Privacy Setting
7. Message history management

Amazon Simple Storage Service: ever innovative, Amazon’s cloud storage service means immense power to real-time instant messaging chat apps. Through Amazon Simple Storage Service, developers can take advantage of its secure, mighty and greatly reliable cloud storage for saving data and media objects while making the app accessible from everywhere.

Lighttpd: Lighttpd is another open-source, widely available web server that delivers high performance as experienced by WhatsApp makers. By deploying it on your real-time chat app, you can enjoy secure, fast and flexible features.

PHP: PHP is one of the widely used open source language that mobile app developers trust. Your next instant message app can get its superlative performance and features from PHP. One can build a responsive real-time chat app with PHP in combination with AJAX.

FreeBSD: WhatsApp’s fast message delivery system is built on FreeBSD operating system. Due to its unquestionable reliability and network management, you can provide users the power to send unlimited messages every day.

HTML5 WebSockets: With this HTML5-enabled feature, you can form a strong connection between the web browser and the server. HTML5 WebSockets provides faster, better and seamless communication between the server and web browser.

Mnesia DB: Written in the Erlang language, Mnesia DB is the real-time database management system your chat app can use to store various data such as text messages, multimedia files, videos, documents shared on your app. Mnesia DB has exceptional potential to store unbelievable amount of data.

Most demanded Features of a Modern Chat App

Being unique or having brilliant ability to offer users what they never expected is key to building a successful real-time instant chat app. Your app will sound special to users if it has surprising features that can appeal to their taste and create positive impression.

Here are some of the features in demand for technologically evolved chat app:

Instant Messaging App

User Profile

Your instant message real-time chat app is incomplete without the facility to allow users to create their virtual chat app profile that includes personal details, elegant quotes, image and trendy live expressions.

Instant Connectivity

Your real-time chat app must empower users with instant communication capability so that they can enjoy prompt message delivery through instant connectivity.

VOIP Phone Calls

VOIP is a classified technology used in real-time chat apps to deliver voice communications and multimedia data over Internet Protocol.

Video Chats

Nowadays popular, Video chat is the feature that can be optimized to make video call to a person, giving you a personalized, interactive and transparent experience of live communications.

Search functionality

With search functionality in your instant message app, users can easily scour and access recent conversations with their contacts by entering specific keywords and numbers.

Group Conversations

This feature allows users to connect with multiple users in a predefined group to enable group conversation through Audio/Video/Chat.

End-to-End Data Encryption

In order to enhance security and privacy of user data against third-party infiltration, you should integrate this advanced feature in your chat app so that users can enjoy the chat experience without worrying about data loss or privacy intrusion.

List of favourites

Users appreciate the power to do and express more with personalization. Let them have an option of adding assembling friends in a personalized favourite list.

Real time messaging app

Multimedia Functions

Enable transferring various type of data formats like images, GIFs, videos, voice clips, animations and more with multimedia support in your app.

Cloud Service Sync

Cloud platform syncing enables monitoring, storing, updating and scaling the app hosting environment.

Geolocation sensing

To make your instant message chat app real-time and engaging, integration of Geolocation feature is essential, creating an uninterrupted flow of interactions.

Multiplatform chat support

This feature will allow you to engage and remain connected with your contacts as you switch to different platform such as Desktop.


You may feel there are infinite ideas when it comes to developing an instant messaging real-time chat app like Whatsapp or Viber. Although you need a lot of brainstorming before securing resources, the first priority down the road is finding the reputed mobile app development company that has considerable experience and strategic insight needed to create the most competitive instant message app. Whether it is tailored for business communication or social-personal interactions, you must impress users with incredible features that offer intuitive, immersive and personalized experience.

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