Mobile Apps for a Startup Business – How Important It Is?

Aug 2017 / helena

Mobile Apps for a Startup Business – How Important It Is?

Startups are coming into market at unexpected speed since financial sphere is changing globally. Many people aspire to be entrepreneurs at their very young age, willing to see their business grow enormous in a few coming years. Unlike any established business, start-ups stumble upon tougher challenges on the face of market competition, customer loyalty and business value.

Of all the challenges scattered along the path of startup companies, the biggest is to connect and engage with the audience, pique their interest and achieve their trust in shorter time span.

It takes more than just straight efforts to gain higher ROI for your startup business to succeed. Therefore, you need a unique approach with fresh perspective, in order to build a brand and penetrate the customer market effectively: Mobile apps.

Holding the hands of ever-evolving technology, a mobile app is the revolutionary way to engage with customers and spread business awareness among the target audience. Since people spend a lot of their time using their spartphones for various purposes, it the best idea to build an app for them.

Responsive websites help mobile users to a limited extent while mobile optimized experiences delivered by a dedicated mobile app offer convenience and quick engagement. Mobile apps built with unique vision and clever aesthetics can result in truly memorable user experience.

The mobile application enables customers to grab all the required information about the product and services at their fingertips. This makes mobile app an essential instant marketing tool for startup businesses as well.

To understand the importance of mobile app investment even deeper, here are all the benefits startup business can reap by having a business mobile app:

Mobile is where people are

People operating mobile

Mobility, as the time progresses, is becoming the part of our everyday dynamics. Using mobile is both fever and an inescapable need since it is hard for anyone of use to imagine a day without a smartphone. People resort to their pocket-friendly digital devices for many reasons: information and inquiry, travel and movie ticket bookings, ecommerce purchase, social media engagement or for amusement. Wittingly or unwittingly, people interact with your brands through online mobile apps, which fuel your online branding activities and create an opportunity for customer engagement.

Users welcome creative methods and ease of access

Creating a mobile app for business means connecting your marketing strategy with trends that people are fond of adopting. Users who depend on their devices all day long seek products and services that are easily accessible through their smartphones. Startups see this as a challenge and are compelled to meet customer requirements in the way they desire – which is by designing an app where business markets its products and users enjoy one-touch access to their services.

The primary aim of start-ups should be to come into eyes of mobile users. Hence, if business initiatives are procrastinated thinking that mobile apps are only good for large-scale ventures or high-profit industries, they will miss the huge slice of market strength.

Mobile apps are cost-effective

Many startup enterprises carry the misconceived notion that making mobile apps is a costly deal, and that making a responsive website instead will put them on the top of the list. This is completely wrong as the amount of benefits such businesses receive can easily surpass the investment made at the onset of mobile app development.

cost effective

Mobile apps are considered cost effective method to come close to specific customers who look for business brands that are smart, accessible and trendy. With millions of users ready to interact with your brand and know more about it, developing a mobile app could prove to be superior and more powerful tool than just a responsive website.

Mobile apps make you visible and look bigger

It might come as a surprise, but psychologically, customers usually find those products appealing and doing well that appear easily online on their mobile. Mobile apps, thus, are attributed to customers’ psychological impression. Your business jumps into the eyes of the viewers rapidly as customers find it easy to purchase or learn your services on the go. Everywhere they go, the mobile app remains with them. This increases your visibility among the online crowd and makes you look bigger than others in the market.

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Apps amplify Loyalty

A mobile app for a startup presents itself as a canvass of opportunities. What responses you get from the customers depend on how useful and engaging your app appears to users. Your mobile app is enriched with all the handy information, attractive features and easy navigation, making for a potential tool for potential customers. Slowly, as your app makes sense to them, customers will develop unforeseen feelings for your business, including excitement, curiosity, surprise and satisfaction. Be it educational or entertaining, your startup business app creates a positive stir in users’ mind. It makes them consider your offerings and develops a sustained relationship – which is a key to their loyalty.

Mobile app means rapid engagement machine

It is true that a mobile app can trigger unthinkable emotions and can bring amazing value. It fulfils so many purposes at times: user accounts, purchase, pricing and information, news feed, messages, search, etc. By adding multiple features each with unique meaning, you are able to deliver the information and business message in a way that customers most appreciate.


Without being too intrusive, your startup app can tell the entire story of your products and services and saves you advertising cost. By organizing In-app activities, you will experience higher engagement.

Your mobile app is the data centre

Not only app enables you to conduct all your marketing activities in one common architecture, but it also helps you learn more about customers in real time. Without extra hassle, app offers you a substantial ground for tracking and collecting the information of users – their actions, preferences, frequent visits and choices, interests and inquiries. By capturing their browsing history, you can extract the rich data which helps build a strong strategy to deliver personalized services and better user experience. This content will attract more customers to your startup and inspire them to look at your brand with an optimistic eye.

Finally, an app beats the competition

This is one of the greatest advantages of having an app. There are many rivals striving to emulate you and climb to the top in the same market where you work. There are even businesses who have yet not considered the idea of reaching their customers through their favourite digital device. In such case, your app will emerge as a winner. It will present you in a brighter spotlight, helping you build impressive reputation among potential customers and run ahead in the competition.

All above benefits of building a mobile app for startup explains how investing in a mobile app is a valuable endeavour. Whether you have just launched your startup or are about to give it a go, a mobile app would leave a heavy impact on mobile-savvy customers.

If you have made up your mind about developing a highly effective, functional mobile app, you can discuss its gist with one of the leading IT development companies in India, Spaculus. We support the clients from the inception to launch while developing a world-class app for start-ups.

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