How to Ensure Online Doctor and Telemedicine Services with Live Streaming?

Jul 2020 / robert_spaculus

How to Ensure Online Doctor and Telemedicine Services with Live Streaming?

The element of live streaming has become an inextricable part of online entertainment world now. Mobile users are so used to it they can’t go a single day without using streaming services. However, mobile apps like YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and a few more also emphasize the fact that live streaming can be made simple and more than just for commercial entertainment.

Among other industries, the healthcare clinics have also started experiencing the incredible potential of live streaming video feature. Now that the concept of streaming has surpassed the traditional barrier, it has overstepped into the space of broadcasting via live streaming video content. This is what the concept of telemedicine service revolves around.

So if you have a healthcare clinic or need to launch online doctor consultation and appointment booking, you should look to having an excellent live streaming service. Here we are going to delve into how you can ensure online doctor and telemedicine via live streaming in your app.

The example of Periscope app

Acquired later by Twitter, Periscope is a groundbreaking app that established a concept of broadcasting with live video streaming content. It is as simple as watching live news broadcasting online and more convenient than handling a 4G video call. Like your broadcast station, it allows you to go live on-the-go anytime easily.

The most interesting part of Periscope is that you can conduct smooth video conversations with people right from your Android and iOS devices. You can even save the video on your device, publish it and watch it online and share with your family and friends. You can have new users join the live video broadcast.

The urgent need for a live streaming feature in telemedicine services

If the app like periscope introduces plethora of opportunities for businesses, a custom-built healthcare app could be a robust solution for healthcare clinics. This is mainly because it helps enhance doctor-patient engagement and make the healthcare process more efficient.

Streaming is the most essential, and most welcome element of the online media across the globe. Due to this reason, live communication via mobile video streaming could be a great source for doctor and clinics to reach out and connect with more patients.

Doctors can use the app-built live video communication in the same way the famous celebrities use the live streaming feature Facebook and Instagram to connect with their fans. This not only grows more patients but also proves service quality standard.

The promise of futuristic streaming communications via WebRTC Applications

The technical term for building application for doctor appointment booking and consultation is WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). WebRTC app developers build the app in HTML5 and JavaScript using the compatible APIs and protocols that eventually shape secure, fast real-time app.

Compatible with mobile, WebRTC apps for doctor appointment booking and telemedicine services are browser-based and relieves you from native plugins or installing app on the device. WebRTC technology is the at center of modern one-to-one and group video chat applications. It ensures low latency calls and streaming with high quality and maximum data security. Such apps work perfectly on many leading browsers like Chrome, Apple, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are commendable examples of WebRTC based applications.

The most quintessential features of an exquisite live telemedicine app

The most valuable features of a rich healthcare and telemedicine app with live streaming communication are:

  • Video Calls & best-in-class Conferencing experience
  • Audio Calls & Conferencing
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Instant Messaging for enhanced communication
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Screen Sharing and server-free file transfer
  • Easy data record management
  • Live consultations and quick diagnosis
  • Live Call and video conversation recording

Required Technical Expertise for telemedicine app development

  • Custom third-party APIs
  • TokBox, Twilio for enabling streaming feature
  • Live Recording feature
  • Live Appointment booking system
  • Server-side RTC architecture development
  • Database MySQL
  • Kurento, Jitsi, Janus
  • Scalable and automatic server development

The cost perspective

Healthcare clinic online doctor app laced with live streaming and video consultation features relies on full-stack WebRTC tools and advanced set of technologies and open-source libraries. Considering our past experience and market scenario, the usual cost of telemedicine app development fits in the bracket of $25k-$30k. The final cost still depends on what features you want to see in your app.

Collaborate with Spaculus

We at Spaculus has a dedicated team of WebRTC app developers with years of experience in developing scalable, secure and smart web and mobile apps. Our model of working is flexible and client-friendly, accommodating the range of their interests and requirements. From online video conversations and virtual consultations to video demo and doctor-patient meetings, our healthcare clinic apps dedicated to telemedicine covers a range of business expectations. You may reach out to us with an app idea to explore realistic possibilities and prospects.

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