How Spaculus Software Can Help Businesses During Covid-19 Crisis

Mar 2020 / robert_spaculus

How Spaculus Software Can Help Businesses During Covid-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people in an unprecedented way. This situation had genuinely raised an alarm for companies and leaders to review the strategies, policies and processes to safeguard their employees, customers and operations and at the same time maintain business continuity.

With COVID-19, remote working acts as a saviour in empowering people to quickly deal with any situation. To ensure business continuity, an enterprise needs to act now before it is too late. The time has come for remote staffing that comes across as a highly extensible workplace environment that rapidly scales and dynamically adapts to volatile business needs relied solely on the local and global conditions.

Here’s how Spaculus Software can help you:

We are working hard for our clients and partners all over the world to ensure that their changing business needs are translating into work opportunities — particularly during corona pandemic when the need for work done remotely is at an all-time high. We are preparing new job pipelines just for you so that you can find meaningful work opportunities on our platform even as this crisis unfolds.

We at Spaculus Software, based in Gujarat, India have developers, designers, business analysts, QA team, server and cloud experts are all working online from home to beat the challenges of the pandemic. The main purpose is to help both our clients and team overcome the crisis by averting both humanitarian and economic crisis. Our team has adapted and used collaboration technologies and other tools for remote working. Working from home has been standardized and we try to provide services through dedicated resources. All the meetings are conducted by phone and video conferencing.

We are currently bombarded with a lot of work right now from all over the world as the real businessmen are willing to see this opportunity to invest in new projects (ideas). Since, their competitors are withholding their work and stopping investment, it is a great time to rightly invest the money and get ready with new products in the market.

In uncertain times like these, Spaculus Software finds more meaning than ever in its mission, which is to create economic opportunities in order to make people’s lives better. Below are few steps that we have taken into consideration:

• Implemented best virtual work practices to ensure data security and maintain proper communication and workflow.
• Staying connected using the latest tools for video conferencing, video chat, real-time chat, presentation streaming, and screen-sharing.
• Ability to communicate, track, collaborate, report project status, share files and video chat.

Our team has been continuously monitoring and following the guidelines laid by the government to curb Covid-19 pandemic such as self-isolation by carrying out work from home since the coronavirus outbreak. Our first priority is to protect people while ensuring core business operations continue.

Our existing clients and partners did not feel any change in committed deliverables even after Spaculus implemented work from home policy for all of its employees. This itself shows our level of dedication and the business seriousness we carry.

If your business is stuck or affected due to corona virus pandemic and you need any software development solutions then send us your requirements and we will work on it on an immediate basis. If you are an investor or a businessman with a vision and interested to know what type of business opportunities might be lucrative during this covid 19 pandemic, then our core business team will be happy to discuss along with some interesting insights that can prove to be game changer during this once is a lifetime opportunity.

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