How AI Is Reshaping The App Development


Oct 2018 / helena

How AI Is Reshaping The App Development

Technology is ever-changing, and the results are apparent with each passing year. This is apparent as technological advancements make it easier to create better technology, resulting in exponential growth and development.

AI has been the talk of the technical world for some time now, as it has the potential to completely change our development processes and how our world works. Here are some of the ways AI is reshaping the app development process and usage.

Personalization and Customization

One of the main ways AI has changed app development already and continues to do so is through user customization and personalization. AI makes it possible to collect data from a user and make suggestions and recommendations based on that data. For developers, this prioritizes data collection methods and optimization to create conversions. For example, a user who goes on a shopping app and sees recommendations based on their purchases and what other users with similar interests have purchased, they are more likely to add that product to their cart and complete the transaction.

In many ways, this will simplify the development process, as it requires less thought about the target demographic for the developer and creates automation.

Advancements in App Monitoring

AI assists developers by creating advancements in app monitoring through detailed analytics, automation, and alerting. With strong monitoring systems, you can stay on top of your app by collecting both high-fidelity metrics and detailed transaction traces (source:

As a result of this advancement, developers can worry less about what’s going wrong in their launched apps and focus on expanding their business through streamlined development processes.

Opportunities for Developers

There is a lot of concern among software developers regarding the age-old “robots are stealing our jobs” argument. However, the introduction and advancement in AI is actually creating more opportunity for those developers who have experience working with AI.

Additionally, more businesses are making the transition into AI-optimized application development to ensure that they stay relevant in the modern business world. This is similar to the shift to online retail that we’ve seen in recent decades as the internet has become more accessible for all. Not only does this shift result in more opportunities for developers, but more AI apps, creating an immersive, convenient atmosphere for customers.

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Creating a Variable Environment

As AI advances, how we interact with apps and how apps are developed are no longer stuck or fixed in one response mode. Rather, there’s a variable environment that will allow developers to be more creative and responsive instead of repetitive. Instead of the traditional app flow in which someone would click here to go there, it’s become more of a choose your own adventure.

Artificial Intelligence is improving the development process so that developers have more options when developing an app which, in turn, gives users more options, increasing user engagement. Furthermore, as AI develops and helps other areas develop, it follows the same process as all technological advancements: they become more affordable and accessible, meaning that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits rather than a select, elite few.

The Potential to Make Industries Obsolete

AI has caused such a rapid advancement in how apps are developed and how accessible information is, that it’s completely changing some industries and even making some obsolete. The insurance industry, for example, is heavily based on numbers and analytics. Rather than having large organizations with employees responsible for crunching numbers, AI can collect the data, assess it, and provide recommendations from an app.

Banking is another area that’s facing the potential for significant changes. There are some banks that don’t have a physical branch or ATM. As apps like Apple Pay become more prevalent, it’s possible that we will live in a cash-free society within a few decades, making banks obsolete.

The Ethics of Machine Learning

The rapid advancement of AI and how integrated it is into our lives already makes for a lot of considerations and debate regarding ethics. It brings into question people’s privacy rights and privileges and how much interaction with AI is too much. We now live in a world where you can potentially be talking to a robot and not even know the difference. Eventually, this will reshape legislation and regulations surrounding AI in everyday life.

AI is not only reshaping app development, but it’s also reshaping our world. If we look at how much things have changed in the past five years, it’s daunting and exciting to think about what the next five years will bring.


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