Google Is About To have a Lot More Facebook Ads On Phones

May 2019 / robert_spaculus

Google Is About To have a Lot More Facebook Ads On Phones

Today, Google has announced a number of new ads types that will show up throughout in mobile products to attract users.

Soon, Google searches will include “gallery ads” in which advertisers can display a number of images to users. Now you can also start seeing ads in the feed news stories, inside the Google application – for now, they will only show in selected locations. This ad form will make ads more noticeable and these ads will be launched only for mobile, not for the desktop. In a blog post, Google ad chief Prabhakar Raghavan says that, in tests, gallery ads resulted in “up to 25 percent more interactions” than traditional search ads.

Discover ads are going to appear in Google’s mobile application and on the discover feed for Android phones.

Gallery ads have been testing by Google since earlier this year and now it is said by Google that gallery ads will be available in this year.

In recent year, there are more and more visuals have been making their way onto Google’s mobile search page result. For instance, a search for a movie will give the image of its poster and the picture of actors, along with the photo that is used in the article which is about the film. In addition, to this, there are few more information about it, like reviews, video clips, showtimes, etc.

Among all the extra information, the visuals to ads make it more attractive and a lot of sense from Google’s point of view. It will attract customers attention towards ads content, and as we know that Google is paid per click so it could be of value for advertisers.

The discover feed will get ads for the first time in Google, it a personalized feed of new stories (recommended) Google displays on mobile. The format of discover ads is similar to other stories, having an image on the top, a headline and more information field. Its also has a badge of “ad” to let the user know that the story is sponsored. Discover ads will also roll out in this year.

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