Google allows real-money gambling and betting apps in 15 more countries

Feb 2021 / robert_spaculus

Google allows real-money gambling and betting apps in 15 more countries

Google’s latest amendments to its once-strict google play policies have started allowing gambling Android apps that deal real money in 15 more countries. This comes as a big surprise to many since Google earlier had stern stance towards anti-gambling policy, limiting betting and online casino apps only to four countries: Brazil, Ireland, France and UK.

So far the availability of real-money wager games and betting apps was restricted to these four countries. However, Goole has announced via 9to5google that 15 more countries can now host online gambling apps that use real money for live betting.

The 15 major countries that are included in this change of Google policies are: Australia, US (in selected states), Canada, Colombia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Spain, New Zealand and Sweden. According to Google, the sensational new change in policy will be implemented from March 1st.

Google said, “We’re updating our Real-Money Gambling apps policy so more developers around the world can build sustainable businesses in a way that helps keep consumers safe.”

Google has also confirmed that the Play Store will not host real-money gambling apps in India since such apps are likely to be banned in its states. This is why the list does not have India.

Gambling apps fact files

  • Nearly $150 billion was wagered in 2019 in US on sports betting, and the same betting market is predicted to touch a $400 billion market after its legal permission in certain states.
  • Due to uninterrupted availability of high-speed data and enhanced details in players and gaming features, sports betting app have now more options and outcomes to bet on.
  • In addition, sports fans are nowadays allowed to place bets on specific plays instead of the entire game to minimize the risk factor.
  • Due to luxury of having more decision time, football has become the most popular sport for live betting. Thanks to the advancements in betting apps development, the same level of popularity also seems to burgeon for other sports.

The next and now in digital gambling world

Gambling App Inner
The global remote betting and gambling industry is evolving at rapid pace as it seems to adapt to changing parameters of the ways the betting is performed. No wonder it has now become one of the fastest growing industries in last five years.

For example, after Google eases its policy for gambling apps, there is already a great buzz in sports betting development space on how this will yield in more fans and more opportunities.
While government in 15 countries are mulling over how much gambling should be allowed, the e-sports industry is also showing potential signs of rising up in different ways.

By 2020, the eSports marketplace was expected to contribute the global revenue of more than £1 billion. This is an increasingly successful space where a live audience will watch dedicated computer gamers play one-on-one faceoff. Allowing live betting within eSports plays is another opportunity for operators to generate substantial revenue.

Moreover, fantasy team fans can leverage Wearable technology to do live wagers based on real-time KPIs of athletes. However, the performance data of athletes might be regulated by state regulations as it is sensitive to athlete’s career.

In the UK, the volume of online sports wagers for Football has scored up by incredible 244% while sports like tennis and cricket have also mustered staggering growth, being 179% and 132% respectively.

The introduction of unique mobile-specific elements such as in-play betting and cash-out features in the mobile gambling apps has greatly changed the sports betting landscape.

Spaculus empowers virtual sports betting solution development

Undoubtedly, since many changes have been happening in online sports betting and gaming space in the last decade, it is evident that the future market for virtual betting is about to grow further. Also, the nature of sports betting market has evolved due to the introduction of innovative advanced technologies.

Spaculus, a globally recognized eSports and sports betting development company, is keeping up with latest technologies and gambling trends to adapt to the changing landscape of online gambling market. The in-house dedicated team of Spaculus has been constantly active and prolific about innovating the virtual gambling space through building high-quality mobile sports betting apps.

Spaculus makes sure the businesses get the best service, exceptional quality and unforgettable experience while consulting and taking a journey with us. We comply with latest Google policies and mobile development industry norms as we deliver the best competitive product in the market.

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