Five tremendous benefits that make streaming apps a must-have for your business

Sep 2021 / robert_spaculus

Five tremendous benefits that make streaming apps a must-have for your business

Live streaming features are becoming a norm, and so is the trend of building live event streaming apps. What makes streaming content a valuable addition to the business is its ability to reach maximum audience and remotely engage with them regardless of their geographic location.

With the assistance of professional streaming app development experts, you can start your streaming platform to broadcast live events. Even if you have little knowledge of technical aspects, it is still easy to host your regular live streaming content.

If you are still in doubts about whether or not a professional streaming and broadcast service would benefit your business, here are a few significant advantages that can outsmart free streaming platforms.

1. Mobile Streaming
Mobile streaming is a trend to watch out for. Therefore, it is crucial to implement the live mobile streaming feature in your smartphone app. Consumers are used to mobile streaming more than any other platform – which requires you to embrace mobile live video streaming solutions for better accessibility.

Having an advanced dynamic HTML5 player allows you to stream your live content on mobile devices via a smartphone app. A professional streaming app development company ensures you make the most out of HTML5 player that enables access to streaming content anytime, anywhere.

2. Tracking and Analytics
Even life events and business broadcasts should be trackable. Nowadays, streaming apps built by professional developers help you track the success and impact of your virtual events via tracking tools. Using the analytics dashboard, you can view the metrics of viewership and user behavior. Many professional streaming services offer real-time data of the number of participants, engagement, actions, and responses.

This way, you can easily know the most relevant audience and work on refining the next live streaming event.

3. Customer Support
To deliver a flawless live streaming experience for viewers, there should be an error-free streaming service. Thankfully, with the help of technical skills from a professional team, it is possible to detect where the problem lies. You can partner with a live streaming app provider that facilitates a dedicated 24/7 customer support team. That is why it is better to collaborate with specialized streaming app developers like Spaculus instead of installing the streaming service on your own.

4. Content Monetization
Yes, you can also make money from your live events. There are a handful of professional streaming services that afford various tools for video monetization.

You can limit the free access to your live streams by asking viewers to pay for the event. It will be analogous to buying concerts or movie tickets. In this method, they will be charged every time they watch live events. There can be either pay-per-view or monthly subscription model.

On the other hand, you can also ask your streaming service partner to implement sponsored ads for monetization.

5. Data Privacy and Security
Since online data piracy incidents in the live streaming market have reached 80% exceeding 230 billion views, it has become more imperative to protect digital streaming data.

To control the access to your video content players and shield it from hackers, you will require professional experts like Spaculus to implement paid tools. Their enhanced security features are:

  • Password protection
  • IP-enabled access control
  • Token-based security

Make a streaming app with the Spaculus professional team

Be it just adding a streaming feature in your existing app or make an all-new customized live streaming app, Spaculus Software has got you covered. Its competitive knowledge and 7 years of experience in using streaming technology surpasses that of ordinary folks. The streaming app development team at Spaculus Software simplifies the job for you and saves the cost and complication of setting up the server on your own. We make it fast and easy for you to broadcast your next live business event.

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