Build an excellent real-time chat app with business capabilities

Aug 2020 / robert_spaculus

Build an excellent real-time chat app with business capabilities

When thinking over the idea of building a real-time chat app for business, the main three elements to consider are privacy, ease and facilities. But a handy easy-to-use messaging application should not only allow real-time communication, but it also accelerates problem solving, enables fast coordination among teammates and equally provides a robust platform for your employees to conduct private friendly conversations.

In recent years, real-time chat app development has tremendously evolved, bringing your way more than mere plain communication. From building relationships to sharing quick data and ensuring employee engagement, a complete messenger app has got it all covered.

If you have a business and wish to enhance employee productivity via a chat app like WhatsApp, here is how to approach the real-time chat app solution.

Business-class chat app development challenges

Since communication is key to enhancing task efficiency and the pace of project completion, we need to focus on developing an instant messaging chat app that allows effortless real-time communication among teammates. One of the major goals to hit while developing a smart real-time chat app solution is to create a highly responsive front-end and backend infrastructure of a perfect messaging app with organizational capabilities.

Another hidden challenge is making the chatting app simple, handy and flexible while offering scalability for future expansion. Also, it is important for app users to leverage its collaborative features to resolve problems faster.

A responsive chat app can enable employees to respond fast to any changes happening in mundane organizational environment. It is equally important to use latest technologies to build a chat system that responds perfectly to all mobile platforms. Chat app users should also be able to see and update their profiles with minimum taps.

Despite all the challenges involved, with right tools and platform, our talented chat app developers can deliver a real-time chat app that can transform organizational capacity to your expectations.

The role of Spaculus in the entire process

Being a capable and seasoned mobile apps development expert, Spaculus is equipped with all the powerful resources and experienced crew to lead your project to its fruition. Our pool of mature talents is conversant with latest development trends and technologies and can therefore perfectly understand your business requirements.

At Spaculus, we have built phenomenal interactive real-time chat apps whose features are tailored to target changing business needs. We have worked on several exciting and challenging real-time chat app development projects with unique capabilities. The chat apps we have built have look, feel and features of world-famous successful appsBuild an excellent real-time chat app with business capabilities such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

An easy collaboration with Spaculus ensures the following project aspects:

During the app development process, we will help you:

The basic essential features of the messenger app

If you aim for a real-time chat app for real-time communication, you must aim for the following basic features:

  • Sign-in/registration
  • Voice Message
  • Backup chat history
  • Centralized Admin
  • Secure multimedia file transfer
  • Read/delivered status
  • Online/offline presence iBuild an excellent real-time chat app with business capabilitiesndicators
  • Smileys/Emoji expressions
  • Push Notifications

Unique atypical features for a unique user experience

A unique user experience is the result of outstanding features and great engagement. Here are a few to consider:

Video Call
User Can easily group and personal video call in the real-time chat app.

Preference-specific blocking
Admins are allowed to delete/block contacts as they prefer, especially when someone from the group chat quits.

Location Sharing
User can share real-time location detail and guide other people to reach user destination.

Privacy for activities
Users can control participants and their level of participation in shared ongoing activities

Guest Accounts
Create, delete and manage guest accounts based on your project requirements

Offline Message
Reach any user anytime with offline support

Urgent alerts/reminders
In case of urgent meeting/conference, real-time chat app can generate special beeps as urgent reminders/alerts

News and topics sharing
The feature is not generic and used to allow users to follow relevant topics and updates on preferred channels

Conclusion: Achieve business goals with real-time chat app
During the real-time chat app development process, the goal is to target business productivity and incorporate every minute organizational requirements. The resultant product at the end of the process is to custom-build a chat app that successfully enhances collaboration in professional environment.

Spaculus helps you consume the best of technologies and talents to deliver a product with scalable features and modern capabilities. Whether it is about reinforcing the existing business standard or building an all-new empire from the ground, our real-time chat app helps you align the entire workflow and maximize your business productivity.

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