Boost Engagement And Leads With These Effective Video Marketing Tactics

Jan 2019 / robert_spaculus

Boost Engagement And Leads With These Effective Video Marketing Tactics

In 2019, based on the marketing practices and developments made in the past year, video content has become an essence to any digital marketing strategy. As marketers propose, every funnel of online marketing campaign should be enriched with product marketing videos. Whether it is B2C or B2B, videos resonate with the audience with a brand story, promote awareness, engage prospects and generate healthy leads.

A successful video marketing tactic not only drives more viewers, but also contributes to the major chunk of online traffic, becoming the most preferred engagement medium among customers. However, with so much potential, video contents should also be used in a way that generates more leads, improves performance statistics and SEO ranks. Check out these effective tactics for marketing videos:

Maintain absolute relevance and value addition for the audience

Digital marketing is much more streamlined and strategic than earlier with new improved tools and innovations hitting the virtual market. In order to make your voice heard, you must stand out with a video content that speaks of brand value proposition in a most concise manner. Your 5 min or 10 min video is the opportunity to add value, establish a positive vision and make huge difference to prospects’ life. Because customers have little time to dedicate in their hectic life, to grab their attention you must find out who your prospects are, where they come from, their favorite topics and platforms they choose to interact with you. The key to effective video marketing is adding value, relevance and impact.

Make video marketing lifestyle marketing and branding

Don’t sell the products, but make an effort to tell a story. This is what marketing is all about. Adding your written testimonials into a how-to videos and video blogs with interesting tips is the style that never fades in digital marketing. Not only will it make you a knowledge leader in your industry, but it will also help viewers buy product-enabled lifestyle and invest their trust in your brand. Customers tend to relate with lifestyle marketing that shows how your product changes the life of people and creates a sentimental picture of future product usage. The results are more leads and better search ranking.

Choose a suitable video length

In video content marketing, there is an ongoing marathon on socials with almost every company combating to stay on the top. This is why it is mandatory to optimize the length of the video though different opinions from video marketing success stories may flummox you. Choose the length that creates essential engagement while sticking to proper relevance. You can even keep it a little longer if you are confident the content will hook your prospects for the period. For example, TwentyThree research discovered how half of video engagement success belongs to videos that are 15 minutes or longer and how even a small number of long videos accounts for over 50% of engagement.

This is enough to make you feel optimistic about developing longer videos. However, the industry or business type, target audience behavior and platforms you select may influence the length of your product marketing videos.

Map out funnels based on the entire customer journey

Video marketing can be executed across different stages of customer journey from introduction and onboarding to decision making and final actions. On each stage of customer journey, know how your B2B and B2C video content can help customers increase awareness and engagement with your brand. Don’t display the marketing intent on the very first stage; instead, try to gauge where they are and what they seek by envisioning their journey and strategically placing different video contents as they move along.

A brief explainer video on YouTube or other social with a supporting link can intrigue customers if they are on the awareness point of the funnel. Later they can learn in detail on your website where a long video can help even more. Thus, videos can be processed much faster and offer you an opportunity to connect and enthrall customer during their awareness phase of digital marketing.

Repurpose the content and serve in different formats

Monotony creates doldrums and boredom in people – which is why we all prefer to consume media in assorted ways. Our eyes appreciate video and textual content depending on the information presented. Since millennials value the change, it is important for marketers to present the content using various options and choices available for content consumption. For instance, upload the video content on the personal native blog if you are an influencer. In addition to that, to attract further more audience and boost engagement, you can include a consolidated information as a transcript or vblog format. Beyond this, you can go as far as creating an effective, simplified and impactful repurposed YouTube video to pass the audience through another video marketing funnel.

Make Videos for interest stage of prospects

After customers have crossed awareness funnel, they plunge swiftly into interest stage where learners already know what they want and want to explore how your product could soothe their pain. If your prospect has just visited a product page on the website but has somehow left the video halfway, you can set up an automated email system to reengage them with information they should have seen. This approach does not intrude much but still seems to do the job eventually.

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Track your video engagement

Statistics, numbers and data – you can’t imagine marketing without them. The best way to track the success and effect from video engagement is to measure the heap of likes, views and comments on videos. Beyond the usual vanity metrics, video marketing principles include considering much more depth of engagement such as play time, frequency of visits, sharing occurrences and conversion actions.

TwentyThree study also revealed that barely 38% of online marketers measure engagement level and merely 18% end up getting leads from video marketing.

Millions of people watching, liking and commenting may appear like success on its way, but you can’t ignore the possibility that video playtime is just 10-30 seconds. This is why you should keep an eye on how much is consumed from the entire 10-15 minutes video – the impact and not just likes and impressions.

Your takeaway

Now you know how powerful video marketing gets for engagement and lead generation. Videos are effective for relationship building, connection making and target hitting. Additionally, it also brings more traffic to your website and improves your SEO ranking. Marketers really need to craft a perfect video-rich strategy with a data-driven approach. Hopefully the marketing tips and tactics discussed above will help you reach maximum prospects in 2019.

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