8 Tips Why You Choose Magento Development For Startup eCommerce Business

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8 Tips Why You Choose Magento Development For Startup eCommerce Business

We are in the era of the digital world where grabbing a little attention of 3 billion+ online users can get you profitable business. The one industry that is earning huge profits is the eCommerce website industry, also called as online shopping industry!

Though eCommerce is a promising business future, startups and companies face a big problem, i.e. how to build a user-friendly and appealing online platform successfully.

As per the latest stats, Magento eCommerce development is the second popular eCommerce website builder whose market share is 17% in the top 100k sites.

“Also, 51% of people in the USA prefer Magento when it comes to creating an eCommerce website.”

Furthermore, many traders credit Magento development services for a 10 to 80% increase in sales.

We all know that making an eCommerce website needs a lot of effort from scratch. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and businessmen sometimes fail to get the best ideas for their online stores.

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss the top 8 reasons why one must choose Magento development for startup eCommerce business?

Is Magento website development the best choice to make online shopping stores? Is this website builder perfect enough to give the top-level services? Lastly, is Magento website development profitable to you for your online shopping business?

Let’s try to find out the answers to all the questions!

Magneto – A Warrior & Saviour For Developers & Store Owners

Magento supports OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and MVC architecture, which can satisfy your all needs of eCommerce website development.

As Magento development enables optimal UI (user interface) with its proficient programming, it is a developer-friendly platform. Moreover, if someone is less knowledgeable in developing web pages, then Magento offers easy-to-use eCommerce website building facilities.

With Magento, you don’t have to be well equipped with high-level quality programming. Additionally, you don’t need to learn web development languages. Magento helps in all possible ways to work for your eCommerce site.

This is the reason why Magento development agencies around the world are gaining huge benefits!

Best Customization Tools Makes Magento Easy To Use

The developer-friendly nature of Magento offers seamless navigation; thus, it saves an ample amount of time for the developers. As Magento’s core lies in PHP, adding new codes to get efficient solutions is easy for the Magento developers.

As a result, Magento offers a better level of flexibility and scalability. It provides easy to use customization tools that make website designing easy as per the needs.

Magento customization tools easily help you in modifying the shopping cart functionality and effectively manages eCommerce website’s pages, products, content, etc.

Magento Is A Highly Secured Platform

For any online business, security is the priority. With the growing Cybersecurity breaches, security is a big concern for the eCommerce website owners. To help you out with your concern, the Magento eCommerce development platform offers top-grade security and the best data encryption to carry out the transactions easily.

Not only these but Magento development services provider commits you to keep your data safe, secure, and encrypted. All thanks are to the Magento security features!

Magento – SEO-friendly & Favors Digital Marketing

As compared to the other eCommerce development platform, Magento PHP framework is present with an in-built digital marketing assistant. The assistant helps the Magento eCommerce owners to analyze, manage, and increase the website traffic.

Besides this, Magento can suggest you with meta tags, SEO-friendly URLs, keywords, sitemaps, etc. For a profit in your business, it increases the customer base by improving your website indexing.

Magento Is Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, mobile devices like smartphones, tablets are in more use as compared to desktops and laptops. As a result, 50% of website traffic comes from mobile.

Therefore, it is mandatory to make online business mobile-friendly. In the case of Magento website development, Magento allows combining those iPhone/iPad & Android application which have HTML5 interface. This way dedicated Magento developers can develop mobile-friendly eCommerce websites easily.

In Magento, you can have mobility attributes easily for your website.

Magento Provide Robust Inventory Management

In any eCommerce business model, inventory management needs to be powerful. With Magento API, setting up tools, protocols, and routines in an online store is easy. Choosing Magento development services helps you in getting updated and streamlined inventory, which is important for business.

Magento’s Customer Segmentation Is World Class

The Magento eCommerce development can help you in dividing customers based upon their daily activities, purchasing history, search history, shopping cart details, etc. The segmentation makes groups which helps in targeting people for business purposes.

This functionality of Magento helps the website owners to make the best online marketing strategy to increase sales. For this, studying users’ behavior is important and Magento customer segmentation is a beneficial feature.

Multiple Stores Management

With the previous version of Magento, it was difficult to manage multiple Magento stores from a single admin panel. But with new versions like Magento 2 development, it is now super easy.
Magento’s Developer Community Is Huge!

Developers like to use open-source platforms to create websites. When it comes to building an eCommerce platform, Magento is the first choice of web developers.

Hence, the Magento has around 3,00,000 active developers around the world. This community works in all ways to make Magento more powerful, robust, flexible, scalable, and useful for your eCommerce business.

To conclude this blog, I would say that Magento offers the best benefits of running a successful eCommerce business. Also, it helps you to achieve business growth, increase your lead conversions, decrease investments and gives you a better online presence.

I think it is not wrong to say that Magento is the world’s best eCommerce website builder that will stay in the web development industry for more years.

James Burns is the Founder & CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally ranking Magento development services provider in USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing, and development he has all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person.

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