7 Most Important Aspects of Effective Mobile App Marketing

Sep 2017 / dana

7 Most Important Aspects of Effective Mobile App Marketing

Marketing involves a lot more than just running a successful campaign and increasing ROI potential. When it comes to building and launching the app, simply putting the app in a popular app store doesn’t work. Even though the mobile market is crawling with a ample number of mobile holders and mobile app users in the market, releasing an app will not lure enough users. There are many app developers and a bunch of startup businesses that believe they will receive great positive feedback and thousands of downloads just after launching the app in the Android or iOS store.

However, this is just a wishful thinking. A well-planned app marketing strategy is a must need for getting good size of crowd take notice of it. Further, your marketing will only be fruitful if you don’t see users showing interest in downloading and keeping your app on their smart devices. Startup businesses often fall for tawdry trap and attempt for ordinary gimmicks to lure their audience. Due to ineffectiveness of their quick-attraction tricks, the impact they receive is ordinary despite the high quality of their campaign.

To ensure your mobile app evokes the expected response from customers, your will have to invest in a target-oriented, detailed app marketing strategy. There are a lot many factors that go into building a comprehensive app marketing idea. Here are a few discussed in the section below:

1. Discover the audience

This is the most vital first step that comes even before building the app. the ultimate users who will use your app are of great importance especially when think about marketing your product. Identify your core audience in order to accomplish your sales target. Much of how your app will perform after its launch and how many of them will download it is directly proportional to the set of users the app is most intended for. Find out all about their:

  • Age group
  • Fascination for Technology
  • Are of interests and special preferences
  • Industry niche
  • Requirements and concerns
  • Trends and choices

After gathering all the data based on your market research skills, you can define an efficacious strategy to pitch at target customers.

2. Facebook and email marketing

The best way to make sure you app remain resilient in the market is to scoop up the amazing features for your app. Find out how a specific niche market offers a warm environment for app to flourish and surface. Start collecting different opinions from people you interact with. Your peers, prospective customers and friends are best resource for strong insights and feedback. Appear on facebook and excite the target crowd into knowing more about your app. create interest around your app so that by the time you launch, your app will be downloaded thousands of mobile users.


Run a survey on other social media channels and forums to collect emails from potential customers and quality testers. Engage them all with creative emails about special app-related messages, possible features, logos and other stimulating details. This will keep them intrigued until the day your app is finally launched.

3. Minimum Value Product (MVP)

In the world of marketing, MVP carries great importance as it reveals how much value your product has created among the users, and how much further it can yield. Before the launch of full-fledge mature app, it is advised to introduce an MVP. Make sure your MVP has most effective features and design that touch the users. Keep it simple yet impactful, exquisite and clean so that users and testers can actually come to certain conclusion as to whether or not the app has made a dent.

4. Influencers and affiliates

One quality that drives users to your app is trust. But the fact that they don’t know you will inspire not much trust for your app. the solution is to contact and engage those who have gained trust in the similar niche market. Bloggers and journalists are the best resort in organic online marketing. They are the most solicited minds online. Try to get them interested in your mobile app and ask them to promote the online presence of your app.

In the same way affiliate agencies can come handy as they have a wide existing customer base. Be smart and honest while pitching it to influencers and affiliates since they offer shortest time in which to convince them of your product’s strength and unique attributes.

5. Use smart keywords to enhance discoverability

When you launch your app, people must be able to discover it in the app store easily. Many users would like to search for the app in the app store using specific keywords. Make sure your app does not remain unseen in search engine of application store. This is why inserting right, popular keywords is essential in order to optimize your app in the app store and enhance its visibility. Observe the keyword trends and attract meaningful traffic through organic app optimization strategy.

6. Banners and landing page

Marketing your app is directly translated into improving its online presence. You can include the app in prominent marketing channels or build an exclusive website to display it. Apart from email marketing and influencers, there are other effective app marketing ideas such as:


Landing page: you can make exclusive space on your website to accommodate mobile app details. Paste as much information about your upcoming mobile app as possible to direct the traffic and prime them for its release. You can insert download links, or QR codes and mention its benefits or highlights of its inner architecture. Include a product video since Promo video is the best attention grabber and direct marketer as it catches the eyes of viewers.

Banners: include the banners that are clickable and display exciting information about the app. it can have a link that takes the visitors to the app blogs or release date updates or download link.

7. Content and SEO marketing

Despite being influential, you can’t always rely on app store optimization to make your app searchable. It may make you dig deep in your pocket. Hence, the alternative app marketing strategy could be to generate interest by creating interesting content from the day you feel you app will release soon. If your app aims to touch specific niche, content marketing proves to be even more effective. Weave your upcoming product in beautiful blogs sharing the philosophy behind its making and the purpose. Treat the blog content with useful keywords that bring browsers and visitors on the page where they should be.


Of course, it is not easy to have thousands of people download your app and use it for long time. You need a keen eye for reading the market and customers’ changing behaviour – which we call trends. In order to avoid mistakes and ensure that your app will be greatly liked by end users, you must need a reliable outsourcing partner.

Talk to Spaculus team who are quite versed not only in building and ideating unique apps but also in making your app appear positive in the competitive market. Spaculus has mobile app development specialists as well as app marketing experts – a complete one-stop solution that will take the burden off your shoulder and let the app make impression in the market.

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