6 Ideal Practices For a Successful Corporate Website

Apr 2018 / helena

6 Ideal Practices For a Successful Corporate Website

Building a highly engaging and interactive corporate website is all about creating a powerful first impression for business. Having an ordinary digital presence is yesterday’s trend. Today’s competitive marketplace demands a web platform that spurs many opportunities and attracts massive audience. Unaware of technical involvement and content importance, clients and developers often fall for shabby web appearance with mediocre outcome.

Website development for corporate structure is an intricate, multi-layered process that requires contribution from experts to shape a website that targets business goals. Hence, let’s take a peek at how clients and developers can go beyond the surface-level work and implement these 6 ideal practices for a successful corporate website.

1. User experience

User experience is the heart of the success of any website. Your corporate website much be designed around the idea of meeting the precise needs of target customers while delivering a memorable and interactive experience. Interactions is the first executable strategy and the second is to convert it into a value proposition with meaningful content and design graphics that leave a rich digital impression for visitors.

2. Fast page loading speed

Corporate websites must follow certain high standard when it comes to page load speed. Usually, images are expected to load fast as nearly 40% of people abandon your website if it takes too long to fully open. Hire a skilled web design specialist to create fast loading pages so that people with average internet speed quality can engage with your website with minimum wait time.

3. Choosing proper URLs

It is a best practice to make your corporate website more compelling by creating readable and easy-to-understand page URLs. A wisely chosen, content-specific URL makes your portal more accessible for search engine. Keep clear, independent URL for each page on your website for Google to make it free from plagiarism. Test multiple URL options until you find the perfect one.

4. Make it Mobile Friendly

Just because it is meant for corporate purposes, it doesn’t mean your website can survive based on a sole device. Everyone uses Smartphone devices. Hence, you should religiously craft a mobile-friendly, highly responsive and touch-sensing web design that can be accessible anywhere to users from any device.

5. Robust content management

Updating your website constantly with fresh, readable and compelling content adds power of capturing more users and boosts momentum for effective digital marketing. Manage the content swiftly by integrating a robust back-end CMS in the original website design.

6. Social Media branding

Social platforms are an unmissable event if you want to enhance the reach of your corporate website branding and increase its traffic and visibility. Leverage the best of social media by integrating different channels in website design. Users can find quick access to share posts on social media from the website.


These are 6 major practices for corporate website design that can move your digital impression to next level and help you reach potential prospects. Implementing these simple web design tactics will bring substantial impact on the success of your business strategy. Feel free to connect with us in case you have any query pertaining to website development.

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