5 Great Tips to Create a Workspace for High Motivation and Productivity

Mar 2018 / robert_spaculus

5 Great Tips to Create a Workspace for High Motivation and Productivity

Office is the place where an organized group of employees work to the best of their potential to drive business growth. The quality of environment you enjoy in the office can directly impact employee’s mood, ability to focus, performance and resultant work efficiency. A study on office design and productivity confirms that the crucial element responsible for employee’s ability to focus is their surrounding environment.

Having large space with collaboration and recreational areas and quiet working zone help improve performance. Having a dark plain room with ordinary hard chairs and dull lighting will not inspire motivation and energy unlike a commodious room with large windows.

Warren Bricknell, the managing director at Dale Office Interiors said, “Creating different workspace environments within one office encourages immense flexibility.”

With that said, here are 5 great tips to create a workspace A that brings more motivation and productivity.

1. A Dedicated Space for Relaxation.

For employees, the efficiency and commitment to deliver their best are best determined by how much easy and relaxed they feel while spending 8 or more hours in office. Therefore, one of the most effective workspace improvements is offering some space to your employees to escape the everyday stress. Such space comes in various forms and shapes, allowing peers to be themselves. To implement this idea, you can opt for designing a recreational chamber for indoor games or lunch spots with TV displays or meeting rooms where employees can lounge and collaborate.

2. Tranquil Environment for Enhanced Focus.

Some projects do require a secluded space for solid focus and privacy. To achieve the target and meet challenges, employees need a quiet area where they get the job done. Due to lack of workplace privacy, employees may compromise their real potential.
Hectic environment, overwhelming workload, pressure of deadline and annoying noises can all work together to add great stress. Hence, the ultimate key to drawing the most from each employee is having categorized workspaces for different work styles and tasks.

3. Add Personality to Office Space

It is evident that having a workplace decorated with artwork and powerful quotes create a vibrant appeal and motivational feel among employees. Give your workspace some personality and charm. Employees should be allowed to personalize their desk with their personal photos or mugs, favourite quote, or some aesthetics of art.
Jenna Berman, marketing and communication specialist at Nations Photo Lab says that an artwork-rich workspace inspires more creativity, warmth and encouragement in employees.

4. Improve Office Illumination

Not having enough lighting turns off your spirit and induces ennui. Despite having typical fluorescents, Natural light is good for optic health. As per one study by Alan Hedge, natural light drives alertness and eliminates drowsiness. Therefore, the architecture of the office should be built in a way that allows constant flow of natural light while blocking out unwanted noise.

Lamps are appreciated for even illumination throughout the space. Make sure the wall colour supports room lighting and is not too bright.

5. Enhance the quality of air

This is another crucial factor for office workplace as it can directly affect employees’ health, efficiency and natural ability to think clearly. Ensure drawing fresh air through windows and doors without letting in pollution. Install air filters for individual employees if possible. As good fragrance enhances our mood, inject some pleasant scents with air fresheners periodically to set the working spirit in. Some of the refreshing scents are cinnamon, pine, lavender, rose and peppermint.


The environment in the workplace will determine how you work and what you deliver. Since the design of the office is quite important for employee performance, any organization should focus on ensuring the perfect office space. By perfect, it means the place where employees feel confident and motivated enough to dedicate more than 8 hours a day. Hope the tips discussed above will help you create a better workspace for your own organization.

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